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Why I’m Not Buying Avengers Arena (and Why You Shouldn’t Either If You are a Fan of the Characters)


Avengers ArenaMarvel had one of their “Next Big Thing” conference calls for the Marvel NOW! title Avengers Arena so it seems a good time to explain why I have chosen not to buy the series.

It’s tempting to buy it, certainly, as it features a number of characters I am a fan of including The Runaways and the cast of Avengers Academy. But here’s the thing…the series has promised the deaths of characters as they are pitted against each other by Arcade. Therefore, the longer the series runs the more deaths are going to happen. So if you are a fan of a character like, say, Darkhawk, your best bet for the character’s survival is for the series to be cancelled before they get around to killing him.

So I have decided not to purchase the series, and if you have favorites in the cast of the book, you might think about doing the same.

Am I wrong? Responses are welcome.


  1. To each their own but I would not dismiss this book because some characters might be killed. This is Super Hero Comics and characters only stay dead until the next big idea for them comes along. Why miss out on a potentially fun read due to a fictional death?

    • Hi, Rich.

      Yeah, I considered that death has no permanence in comics, but reading about teens fighting each other to death just seems too morbid too me. Of course, I know I’m not the target audience for this…I’ve never read/watched Battle Royale or The Hunger Games.

  2. I actually look forward to this read. Even though it is a mash of Battle Royal. Its always something interesting to read about, which super hero would come out on top. From either using clever tactics, or just brute strength. I like seeing the ideas of the story teller, to see what scenarios they put them through. Plus I always enjoy seeing an underdog win a fight.

    Recently I’ve been seeing more and more mash ups with remakes of Battle Royal. In a given time these will die off, its just at the moment a current fad. For example zombies, and vampires.

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