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LBCHC 2012 Con Report!


On November 3-4, 2012, the 4th annual Long Beach Comic and Horror Con took place at the Long Beach Convention Center. In the 3 shows prior to this one, fans usually had a star studded line up or Halloween to coincide with the show. However, with the show taking place the weekend after Halloween, and with the guest list nearly identical to last year sans two of its biggest stars in David Finch and Brandon Peterson, this year’s show lacked the flair of the previous 3. In spite of this, the attendees of the show did have a good time, with a lot of families showing up to partake in the festivities, as well a lot of cosplayers recycling their Halloween costumes. While it may not have been as strong as in years past, I’m confident the show will rebound next year, and will finish the comic convention season strong. But for now, here was my view of this year’s show.

An awesome TMNT battle van outside the convention (complete with a Michaelangelo!).
Darth Vader and the Evil Empire bids you to join the Dark Side.
The view inside the show floor.
He gives FREE HEAD sketches.
Essential Sequential had some great art for sale in Artist Alley.
Mike Mignola raises proceeds for Hurricane Sandy victims at the show.
Todd Nauck drawing one of his many commissions at the show.
Inker Norm Rapmund showing off some amazing Teen Titan covers at his artist alley booth.
Artist Ebas interacts with fans as he draws a commission.
Members of The Guild had a booth to greet fans.
Jon Bogdanove starts on a Supergirl commission in Artist Alley.
Amanda Conner talks to one of her many fans at the show.
The best booth prop of the show.

And now, onto the cosplayers:

Wookies getting some love from LBTV.
Chewbacca roaming the show floor.
A Bane I could actually understand.
New Spidey also has shoes.
Silent Bob ditched Jay.
Stewie getting his drink on.
Awesome young Hope and Kid Deadpool costumes.
Popeye and family wants you to eat your spinach!
For some reason, Joel Schulmacher comes to mind.
A fantastic Link and Shiek.
Team Rocket!
May the Schwartz be with you.
Freddy Kreuger claims his latest victim.
Cutest kid costume award. I dare you not to smile when you look at Robin.
The best couple of cosplaying award: Casey and April O’Neil!
Best cosplaying ensemble (and a Bane photobomb): The Avengers with Agent Coulson!
Same place, same time. Join me at LBCC next year!