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MO – The Law of Superheroes Signing


Press Release:

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does Superman violate privacy laws when he uses X-ray vision?” “Does the second Amendment protect Iron Man’s suit?” “Is the Joker really legally insane?” Well, these are the first three questions that lawyers James Daily and Ryan Davidson ask in their new book The Law of Superheroes. Based on the successful blog Law and The Multiverse, The Law of Superheroes is a fun and in-depth examination of the hypothetical legal implications your favorite comic book characters might face in the real world.

Star Clipper is excited to host co-author James Daily, J.D. on Saturday, November 3 from 12 – 3 p.m. to sign copies of The Law of Superheroes and moderate a Q & A about Law and The Multiverse! Yes, you can finally get answers to the questions you never dared to ask, like “Is Spider-Man’s webbing misused as unlawful detainment?” or “How enforceable is a restraining order against a psychic like Emma Frost?”

Come dressed in costume and ask for legal counsel* that might affect the character you are portraying! James Daily, lawyer to the superheroic, will answer your question on the spot.

Restraining order keeping you from coming out? Submit your fantasy legal question to Star Clipper’s Facebook or Twitter page and we’ll post James Daily’s answer.


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