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  • Scene on the Web: New York Comic Con 2012 Digest #7

    This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Scene on the Web: New York Comic Con 2012

    More interviews and more photos!

    Scene on the Web: New York Comic Con 2012 Digest #7

    Storified by Convention Scene · Fri, Oct 26 2012 06:01:58

    Me with X-Force at NYCC – http://twitpic.com/b72rd2Rick Remender
    Huge fan of Emma Frost. Phoenix Force Emma from #AvX only makes it better. Best of show #nycc @jessiepridemore #cosplay http://pic.twitter.com/AorpmjX8RateMyCosplay
    Best eyes of #NYCC http://pic.twitter.com/86yEdxaiJoshua L. A. Jones
    Phoenix quickie sketchbook sketch #nycc http://twitpic.com/b762onDaniel Govar
    Leftover NY Comic-Con photo? Don’t mind if we do!! #NYCC #BeautifulNightmare http://pic.twitter.com/BxUy2zBICold Slither Podcast
    @grantmorrison and myself at NYCC again! http://pic.twitter.com/YfhzpYVSJosh barrett
    Crimson Viper from Capcoms #StreetFighter series sporting sweet shades and lots of attitude. #VideoGame #cosplay #nycc http://pic.twitter.com/s2dUif3ZRateMyCosplay
    Amazing picture by @burly_adopter of my Castanic #cosplay from #NYCC. Love it!!! @Atari @En_Masse_Ent @TERAOnline http://pic.twitter.com/pEcEMiioAni-Mia
    Was great meeting @Punchbrand at #NYCC. They saved me from being cold at the con with kawaii hoodies they gave me =^.^= http://pic.twitter.com/DhWl16K3Miss Hannah Minx
    @NerdCaliber The photos you took of me in my Catwoman at NYCC are GORGEOUS!! Thank yoooouuuu! http://pic.twitter.com/cT5V9O6LLisaLou
    We haven’t posted a Black Cat #cosplay all week. Its in our contracts, we have to. Seriously who doesn’t love her #nycc http://pic.twitter.com/9xnIPTOZRateMyCosplay
    Spy vs Spy cosplay at New York Comic Con@lfensterman #NYCC #madmagazine http://pic.twitter.com/kfhhMusWRandall Ensley
    Brian Wood talks THE MASSIVE @ NYCC 2012videofromnewsarama
    BRIMSTONE talks BRIMSTONE AND THE BORDERHOUNDS @ NYCC 2012videofromnewsarama
    Mike Pellerito talks LIFE WITH ARCHIE @ NYCC 2012videofromnewsarama
    Alan Robert talks KILLOGY @ NYCC 2012videofromnewsarama
    Joe Prado at NYCC!nycomiccon
    Rod Reis at NYCC!nycomiccon
    What’s next for New York Comic ConBy most accounts, this past New York Comic Con was a success, giving fans access to all kinds of stars, comics and otherwise, and presenting a news fusillade on many topics. It was also crowded, congested and teeming with people.
    NYCC 2012: JAMES ASMUS Talks Gambit, End Timesvideofromnewsarama
    Ivan Reis at NYCCnycomiccon
    Star Wars Lego Build at NYCC 2012 + Tardis, Hall of Justice, Sentinel and more!THINKAboutTheINK
    The Best Booster Gold Cosplay Everpatrickhwillems
    Pipeline: NYCC Wrap-Up, Todd McFarlane and…the XFL? – Comic Book ResourcesPreviously at New York Comic Con 2012, I gave a rundown of Artist Alley, lots of pictures, and how cosplayers gave me the warm and fuzzies. We continue this week with the leftover bits, the names not yet dropped, some new resolutions, and more hilarity.
    NYCC 2012: JESSE BLAZE Talks Evil Ernie Rebootvideofromnewsarama
    NYCC 2012: Childrens Hospital Interviewvideofromnewsarama
    NYCC 2012: LANCE HENRIKSEN Talks To Hell You Ride, Aliensvideofromnewsarama
    NYCC 2012: ASHLEY ECKSTEIN Talks The Clone Warsvideofromnewsarama
    New York Comic Con With the Minions, Day Three and Wrap-Up | GeekMom | Wired.comBy the time Saturday of New York Comic Con rolled around, my younger kids (13) had run out of patience for dealing with the crowds. But they came away with much swag and said they’d love to do it again. If you’re planning on trying it next year with kids, here are some suggestions.
    NYCC 2012: Joker 101dcentertainmenttv

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