Scene on the Web: New York Comic Con 2012 Digest #4

Scene on the Web: New York Comic Con 2012 Digest #4

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Dinosaur at NYCC 2012 New York Comic Con T-Rexkeyporthobbies
NYCC 12: NYCC Team addresses cosplay, crowding, first aid kitsAt one of the last panels of the day, Lance Fensterman and his executive staff sat down and received criticism, kudos, and suggestions from convention attendees. The panelists (biographies from ReedPop): Lance Fensterman is Group VP of Reed Pop which means he oversees the team and events on a day to day basis.
New York Comic Con more about comics than you thoughtWith some perspective from really only following the show via the internet, this year’s New York Comic Con seems to have been another huge, hectic success. While crowding seems to have been an issue yet again, despite show promotion that featured media guests over comics, comics publishing announcements dominated the news cycle.
NYCC 2012: Kick-Watcher at NYCCBy: Henry Barajas One of the main reasons why I started writing about Kickstarter projects is because I care a lot about independent creators trying to do their own thing. If you have ever considered making something and putting it out there for the world to judge; a project that will either make or break you then you understand the risks and courage involved.
Tyler Posey Does Gangnam Style & Talks "Teen Wolf" At NY Comic Conclevvertv
Slipknot Singer Geeks Out at New York Comic Con 2012fuse
Comic Con’s Best Couple Cosplayers! : Knickerbocker LedgerFounded in New York City, combing the minds of nerds, geeks, and gamers for the sole purpose of creating a venue for unbiased and thought-provoking questions, ideas, and thesis about video games while promoting female and male positive representation via news, events, fashion, and articles.
New York Comic Con 2012 @ Javits Center (review) – Home – Fake WallsTuesday, October 16, 2012 at 3:34 PM By: Terrance Pryor Over 110,000 people came to the Javits Center last weekend for the 2012 edition of New York Comic Con, which sold out weeks ago. NYCC is one of NYC’s largest events and attracted attention from people all over the world.
New York Comic Con 2012: Why Dressing Up Is CoolI always had an enormous box of costumes in my house growing up. When I started doing musicals in high school, the period shows with glittery flapper dresses and big hoop skirts were always the most fun.
Mike Gold: Little Ole New York Comic Con – ComicMixMike Gold: Little Ole New York Comic Con ComicMix associate editor Adriane Nash and I knew we were in for it when, on Thursday morning last, there were nine other people waiting for the same commuter train who clearly were headed not to work but to the New York Comic Con.
Long Islanders in costume at New York Comic-Connewsday
Stolen From NYCC: Doctor Who Sketch Cover | Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and RumorsThis original art Doctor Who sketch cover by Brian Kong, was stolen from behind his table at New York Comic Con between Saturday night and Sunday morning. If you see it offered anywhere, do please get in touch…
As I go through all the NYCC images I will add to this album, please if you could can you SHARE the album so everyone can see what they missed out on :)SuperHero Photography by Adam Jay
Cosplay Done RightPinterest
New York Comic Con! – Destructoid Community Blog by TroyFullbusterYep, Saturday was my first con of anything and what better to start than New York Comic Con! (Which I heard is like the most medicore of …
A Day at Comic-Con NYFollowing in nerd tradition, I went to Comic-Con at the Javits Center in NYC this past Saturday. I consider myself a Trekkie (TNG and Voy…
Chevrolet Tries to Spark Curiosity at New York Comic-ConFred R. Conrad/The New York Times Last weekend, Chevrolet wagered that the Boba Fetts wandering New York Comic-Con would need a new set o…

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