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Comikaze 2012 Con Report!


On September 15-16, 2012, Los Angeles was home to Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, the joint venture between the successful Comikaze Expo from the previous year, and the legendary Marvel creator. Following an unexpected but successful show in 2011, I had a feeling that Stan’s involvement would only heighten publicity and draw more fans, and I was happy to see the massive crowds that surrounded the Convention Center on that Saturday morning.

I’m not sure how to attribute Comikaze’s success in a LA market that has seen repeated attempts at a comic convention in downtown met with constant failure, but co-founder Regina Carpinelli utilized social media to its fullest in spreading the word about the show. From Livingsocial deals to advertisements in the paper, to spreading the words in schools to attract kids and twitter, Carpinelli’s efforts were met with a record number crowds in their sophomore show.

The show itself was a lot bigger than its inaugural year. Moving from the underground parking lot to the main floor, the show was definitely more spacious. With artist alley scattered throughout the floor, plenty of space for vendors, along with a huge stage for Q and A’s from special guests and even a huge space towards the back for a zombie obstacle course, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo had something for everyone. With the amazing progress from year 1 to year 2, I can only see a bright future ahead for Comikaze. In time, I can see it perhaps becoming one of the premiere comic cons in the US. And now, here are some pics from this year’s show!

Welcome to Comikaze 2012!
The line for tickets went out the door!
More fans waiting to get in!
Welcome to Stan Lee’s Comikaze! Excelsior!
Gaming demonstrations set up for interested guests.
People playing quidditch (yeah, it’s a thing).
Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus greets a fan!
Todd McFarlane and Stan “The Man” Lee share a moment at Comikaze!
Wall-E hanging out with R2-D2s.
Fans waiting to run in the Zombie Obstacle Course.
Walking Dead and Venom artist Tony Moore hitting the drawing board at Comikaze.
Stan Lee’s personal memorabilia collection on display!
One of the biggest Magic Card tournaments I’ve ever seen.
JT Krul and Peter Steigerwald chatting at the Aspen booth.

And what good is a comic convention without some great cosplay? Here’s some of my favorites from the show.

Runaway bride.
The Bat family posing at Comikaze.
Batgirl feeling left out.
An adorable Supergirl having a super time at Comikaze.
A lovely and lethal Red Sonja.
Team Cobra wants you!
Nothing brings the family together like cosplay.
Thor Girl in a silly mood.
Harley and Robin also feeling playful.
Hawkgirl wants in on the fun.
Spidey shooting up some webs for guests.
One of the creepiest costumes seen at any comic convention I’ve ever seen.
Best costume of the show. Great Scott!
See you next year in November!


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