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Scene on the Web: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2012


Bringing you the best of Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2012. Keep checking back for more updates!

Scene on the Web: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2012

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We had a blast at Comikaze Expo! Thank you to …Facebook
It was a pleasure meeting @tonymoore & @ArtSalesKara. Great comic folks! @StanLeeComikaze http://pic.twitter.com/vYKrMbOIAlex Chung
Cosplay Photo Gallery from Stan Lee’s Comikaze! | Nuke The FridgeCosplay Photo Gallery from Stan Lee’s Comikaze!
Content from COMIKAZE Expo 2012Sets let you organize your photos on Flickr. This set contains 49 photos.
Stan Lee’s Comikaze COSPLAY Hotties Featuring Jessica Nigri As The Joker & So Much MoreA phenomenal collection of beautiful women dressed as some of your favorite video game and comic book heroines. All were at the Los Angeles Convention Center enjoying Stan Lee’s Comikaze. DISCLAIMER: This article was submitted by a volunteer contributor who has agreed to our code of conduct.
Thanks MIKE ROLLERSON!!! http://pic.twitter.com/n6KwdqVhJessica Nigri
silvaniart: Comikaze- 626, The Naughty Wonderhurricaine
#cosplay #comikaze #banethunderhorselives
Red Sonja#redsonja #comikaze #comikazeexpo #cosplayMichel Murguia
As Rice & Louis would call it before and after the fire nation attacked LOLOL apparently my diablo cosplay looked like to that of a firebender haha and for laughs Rice shopped in fire! Thanks it looks pretty bad A ;D #comikaze #cosplay #makeup #marvel #blizzard #game #comics #avengers #captainamerica #xmen #x-23 #femalemonk #diablo3yuukayuu
He’s over being a superheroadriennedebord
COMIKAZE Expo 2012Alex Saglimbeni
COMIKAZE Expo 2012Alex Saglimbeni
COMIKAZE Expo 2012Alex Saglimbeni
RT @LA_Rabbit1: http://yfrog.com/kjnx1hyj Dr. Strange and Clea. Thanks Mr. Ditko, wherever you are #ComikazeBobgar Ornelas
I was born for this! #childhoodfantasyfullfilled#actor #comikaze #cosplay http://pic.twitter.com/L61qK2wSBernadette Bentley
More from Comikaze (misspelled earlier sorry) #comikaze http://pic.twitter.com/PPAQ0yuIMark Hughes
RT @KatieDaryl: My crush- @TheRealStanLee thanks for the great chat live on @axslive @axstv at #comikaze http://pic.twitter.com/8G067Dxisteveo
Annnnd this is why I need to be at Comikaze Expo RT “@OJessicaNigri: Come see some sexy tomorrow at 1715!! http://pic.twitter.com/C8pAqUFN”Sheiva
Say, Bats, I think you’re outnumbered!! #Batman #Joker #Riddler #Comikaze http://pic.twitter.com/yIr7cRxBAlyxx Duggins
@AdrianneCurry Great to finally meet you at Comikaze – I’m sure being with the Adult Swim boys was fun. http://pic.twitter.com/70boU7slCharles Rengel
Comikaze http://pic.twitter.com/0zIRMxZ8bubby
#adventuretime #comikaze 🙂 http://pic.twitter.com/J8Zj5gaXRuben Fregoso
RT @thepchapin: R2D2… Is that you? #comikaze #scgla http://pic.twitter.com/MaVpivwvKevin Cameron
@HannahMinx Great meeting you at #Comikaze. Thanks for the sweet T-rex drawing! http://pic.twitter.com/mukVG2zWAdrian Acevedo-Smith
Worked for Lego. Used to draw Deadpool. Lego-Deadpool photo was a must get from Comikaze 2012! http://pic.twitter.com/NZPZj5PzShannon Eric Denton
"Cobra! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!" #Bane #Comikaze http://pic.twitter.com/A7l0ZfgSChris Jones
X-men times at Comikaze! @pixel_stitcher http://pic.twitter.com/fFtv3jYVVictoria
Almost cried when I saw this little guy. Might have punched a few kids out of the way to take the pic. #comikaze http://pic.twitter.com/bQ0WLW7tVictoriaRios
“@AngiViper: “@NonStopToTokyo: Hanging out with @AngiViper and @TraciHines at Comikaze Expo!! http://twitpic.com/avf10o” XD” yay! (;Traci Hines
RT @TheRealElvira: At Comikaze with Paris Jackson! XX http://pic.twitter.com/TUzXnHVhFollow me Zayn Malik
Independent publishers – Blacktop Brigade at Stan Lee’s ComikazeI spoke with the creator of the independent comic book Blacktop Brigade about how he started and came up with the idea of combining baske…
RT @tarastrong: “@AleutheMermaid: Meeting @tarastrong (again) at #comikaze !! http://pic.twitter.com/nQ8GdPMs” AdorableLeigh Roberts
STAN LEEComikaze Expo
@BRIANMBENDIS Great Miles Morales cosplay at @StanLeeComikaze! @marvel http://pic.twitter.com/KlHrz1dMAlex Chung
the Realm Cast | Gallery: STAN LEE’S COMIKAZE EXPO 2012Today Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo officially opened for day one of the show. This is the sophomore year for the show, but the first year wit…
Deadpool vs Comikaze Expo 2012critiques4geeks
Behind the Scenes at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2012youknowwhaaa