Scene on the Web: Baltimore Comic-Con 2012

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Scene on the Web: Baltimore Comic-Con 2012

Storified by Convention Scene · Mon, Sep 10 2012 09:24:18 " My 2012 Baltimore Comic-ConNormally I’m excited about a comic convention, but that wasn’t the case here. Between the fact that my love affair with comics has hit a rough patch, I’ve been busy with a new job AND wedding planning, combined with the fact that I have a cold that took my voice, I was not looking forward to this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con.
Baltimore Comic Con 2012kevin5622
Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Witches, And Ghostbusters, And Pokemon Cosplay – Oh My!There’s your regular comic book cosplay, and then there’s the undefinable, the weird, and just the awesome. Here’s some of our have uncategorizable cosplayers from this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con: I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost Riders! Gotta Cosplay ‘Em All Captain America, V, and Batgirl Wizard Of Oz Maybe? We Yield.
Baltimore Comic Con In Pictures & 325 Words | LattalandSo, what’d you do this weekend? Hey, that’s super. Me? Funny you should ask. I went to my new hometown’s very own comic convention, The Baltimore Comic Con. It was kinda a last minute decision, what, with the me not really knowing much about it, but my pal Rico Renzi was gracious enough to offer me my own table a at his table along with my brand-new pal Alex Fine.
Cosplayers wow crowds at Baltimore Comic ConJen Schiller’s geek girl cred comes from years of devouring hard SF, being a sewing-obsessed costume freak, virtually living in Discworld, being a voracious autodidact of physics and cosmology, and indulging her endless fascination with the latest in tech & gadgets. Her love of physics began as a…
Gangnam Style @ Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 – 69th Videos1mmonns
Vixen looking next-level fierce #BCC2012 #ThirdEyeComics
#bcc2012 just met power girl!!! Hmmm what is it I like best about her Morgan
RT @stratosmacca: First new Doctor Who art I’ve ever done. Y/N, NuWho fans? #bcc2012
RT @amy_geek: It’s a Starro! #bcc2012
#bcc2012 fun: Black Widow & Poison Ivy strike a pose in front of the rad Welcome to Creepyville banner. Fierce!
Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 Day One Cosplay (and more) Photo Set: #bcc2012 #bcc Stephen Little Jr
RT @Wonder_Vegan: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle get in line for Baltimore Comic Con. #ydratcomiccon #bcc2012Tony B Kim
RT @EdCatto: Nova & Quasar w/ Capt. Action at Baltimore Comic-Con #BCC2012 Lewis Miller
#bcc2012 Cologne
Lady Loki #bcc2012 Cologne
RT @karend_: My first comic-con and my first stop! @GregCapullo and @Ssnyder1835 are wonderful :) #bcc2012박기절
#bcc2012 Cologne
You went to ComigCon as @JeffMarek ? RT @wyshynski: Me and Man-Thing and we both have red-eye. #bcc2012
@Dongtastic this ones for you, dude #bcc2012 Dobry
Second-place winners in the group category: Green Lanterns! #bcc2012 #ydratcomicconBethany
RT @amy_geek: Adorable Daredevil sketch by @awyeahfranco! #bcc2012 Mitulinski
RT @wyshynski: I met Lego Batman. He was such a brick. #bcc2012 Duarte
Batman jam. Batman by Kevin Maguire. #bcc2012 Campbell
Oh, Ms. Kyle…. #bcc2012 Dobry
Some great costumes! #bcc2012 Cologne
RT @wyshynski: War Machine meets Mini Hulk and we all win. #bcc2012
Amazing X-O Manowar sketch by @carynord from Baltimore Comic Con! #bcc2012 O’Brien
RT @MPSOBrien: My #Earth2 Robin head sketch by @maguirekevin from Baltimore Comic Con! #bcc2012 Olah
GI Joe Sketchbook. Baroness by the amazing Shannon Gallant #bcc2012 Campbell
RT @AvengersCologne: Best Mini #IronMan and #CaptainAmerica #bcc2012
RT @AvengersCologne: Captain to the rescue! #bcc2012
The many looks at Baltimore Comic-ConIt wouldn’t be Baltimore Comic-Con without the costumes. Characters from Sue Storm and Poison Ivy to a 10-year-old Quarian from "Mass Eff…
sillychen: Um So baltimore comic-con was today. This is what happened. No Pants Power Girlmuldercomics


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