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Scene on the Web Weekly: August 20-26

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OH SNAP RT @guidebook: the #FanExpoCan guide is now live on Guidebook! Expo Canada
Director Tony Scott Dies Of Apparent Suicide After Brain Cancer News: ENTVentv
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart too uncomfortable to appear in press for "Breaking Dawn: Part 2 – College NewsSource: Gage Skidmore via Flickr Robert Pattinson fans planning to stake Kristen Stewart at the upcoming "Twilight" conventions will have to wait for another appearance. It has been announced that the three stars of the "Twilight" franchise have "opted out" of the film’s final four conventions, which were set to lead up to the final film’s release date, November 16.
The Legal View: Ticket crashes and the Tardis | The BeatTicketfails have become as much a part of fandom as slashfic and cosplay.
THE AVENGERS Deleted Scene Featuring Bruce Banner Post Hulking-Outpromotingfilms
Exclusive clip from Dreddgeekcontent
Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman (Official HD Version)vertigocole67
Batman Maybe (original lyrics)wekejay
FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN ORDERING PRE-CONVENTION SKETCHES FOR MY 2013 CON APPEARANCES: I will be opening my lists on SEPTEMBER 5th, 2012. As of now my convention schedule includes Dallas Comic Con and London Super Con in February, MegaCon in March, , Boston Comic Con in April; Motor City Comic Con and Houston’s Comicpalooza in May, Supanova Perth and Sydney in June; Florida Super Con and San Diego Comic Con in July. There are other shows still in negotiations,but these are the confirmed shows. Pass the word…George Pérez
To help those interested to make their decisions:<br> <br> Rates for my 2013 pre-convention commissions are as follows<br> Marker Portrait (9”x12”-chest up): $125<br> Marker Portrait with Pencil Tones: $175<br>… Marker Mini-Bust (9”x12”-waist up, including arms): $225<br> Marker Mini-Bust with Pencil Tones: $275<br> Marker Full Figure (on comic board @ 11”x17”): $325<br> Marker Full Figure with Pencil Tones: $400<br> <br> All sketch prices are for single figure only*, usually with no backgrounds unless I choose to add a small bit like rocks, starry skies, geometric shapes, etc.**<br> • I also can do Portrait and Figure combinations like Galactus’ head looming over the rSilver Surfer for $500 (marker only) or $675 (with tones) or two characters interacting (at double the single character rate) LIMIT IS TWO CHARACTERS PER ILLO. <br> • **For the Full-Figure sketches I now offer a little extra detailed background (a gargoyle for Batman to stand on, some machinery, trees, etc., for an extra $100)<br> <br> Payment is to be in cash (in US Dollars, if possible, at foreign shows) when you receive the artwork at the convention. LIMIT TWO COMMISSIONS PER PERSON PER CONVENTION<br> There are plenty of examples of my sketches on my FB pages so that should give you an idea of the quality I strive to achieve to justify the high prices. <br> <br> Starting September 5th, if you’re still interested I just need to know which convention you’ll be attending, the character(s) you’d like, and the format. First come, first served.<br> <br> Good luck!See More</a>George Pérez Fan Page

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