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Comic Con 2012 Report


Comic-Con has come and gone! While this year’s convention was bigger and more crowded than ever before, I still had the best time I’ve ever had in San Diego. Planning ahead is definitely a pre-requisite more than ever as the convention gets bigger and brings in more and more celebrities. The big signings were required to ticket which caused many fans to be left out and unless you camped out for the panel rooms you were out of luck.

One of the biggest highlights this year was getting to go to Dos Equis’s “Most Interesting Party” thanks to booth-mate Mark Hay of Splash Page Comic Art and his client Charlie Adlard, artist of The Walking Dead. Celebrity chef Craig Thornton of Wolvesmouth in Los Angeles was there to serve up a six course meal, each of which was amazing but the kicker was the dessert, shortcake topped with whipped cream infused with pop rocks! It was a very swanky event and we got to rub elbows with celebrities like professional nerd Chris Hardwick, collage artist Michael Anderson, and NFL linebacker Dhani Jones. Big thanks to Bjorn, Andrea, Melinda, and the rest of the Dos Equis team for hosting! Be sure to check out Dos Equis’s upcoming Most Interesting Academy, an initative to encourage people to follow their passions.

Then on Friday night Team CAF made a trip to Petco Park which had been overrun by the Walking Dead! We spent about 45 minutes running through the stadium, climbing over obstacles, and dodging zombies at every turn. I was caught on many occasions and quarantined as “infected” by the medical staff awaiting us at the end of the course. The zombies were quite dedicated and only broke character once when I turned and hugged one chasing me with outstretched arms to the laughs and applause of the surrounding zombies and on-looking staff.

I need to thank the many friends and complete strangers who helped me out over the course of the convention, proving that it’s always necessary to practice good karma. Special thanks go out to Bill Cox and Chris Haggard of Comic Art Fans, Ben & Jeni  DeFeo, and my roommate “DrunkN” Randy House.

(Please note any photo tagged with an asterisk (*) are courtesy of Todd Haynie. More photos at the link)




The Wasp
Arthur & The Tick


Teen Wolf signing


Lady Stormtrooper


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
She-Ra: Princess of Power
The Scoobies
Kristen Schaal and the cast of Bob’s Burgers*


The Red Skull
Masters of the Universe


Mary Marvel
Justice League captures the Penguin
Elijah Wood and Jason Gann*
Iron Man’s armor*


Iron Fist


H. Jon Benjamin*


Black Canary*


Kevin Bacon*




Archer signing*


Mighty Avengers




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