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SDCC 2012 Con Report!


San Diego was home to the biggest pop culture event of the year on July 11-15, 2012, with the 43rd annual Comic Con taking place. In my 8 years of attending the show, I’ve never seen the convention halls that packed! With lines for everything, from the infamous Hall H, to the new autograph line system, as well as Ballrooms with various panels, including a 10 year reunion panel for Firefly, Comic Con definitely made me feel as if it finally hit capacity and rumors rumbled around that perhaps Comic Con might have outgrown San Diego.

There were definite ways to improve comic con, including controlling the flow of people going in and out of the show floor, but over all, it was yet another very fun con, with amazing guests, and tons of things to do or buy at the show. With the final Twilight panel in San Diego, Henry Cavill’s surprise appearance for Man of Steel, along with fan favorite shows such as Big Bang Theory and Dr. Who, as well as the Walking Dead Zombie Run at Petco Park across the street, Comic Con had something for everyone! While I wasn’t on the show floor as much as I’d like to have been, here are the things I saw and experienced at this year’s show. And a hello to all the readers I met at the show who loved our site!

Welcome to Comic Con International!
Guests waiting for doors to open. Most frustrating part of Comic Con was trying to figure out which doors were entrances or exits. Can someone please put signs up?
And they’re off to the races!
What goodies did you pick up?
Charlie Adlard signing copies of the Walking Dead 100, released on preview night!

After hitting up artist alley and signing up for some commissions, I had a meeting with the Disney Store booth, showing me the latest in vinylmation figures for sale at the show and online!

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The So Tasty line that debuted at Comic Con that smell just like the snacks they represent!
Amazing 3′ vinylmation figures, including the beloved Carl and Ellie figurines!

The following morning, Gentle Giant showed me the latest in their product line, including the amazing Darth Maul figure announced the night before!

The details on the Darth Maul are unbelievable. Just an impressive figure.
The next figures in the Star Wars line, including a Jar Jar Binks, which apparently the fans have asked for.
Storm Troopers, including a figure with interchangeable heads and arms!
Star Wars Clone War figures, including an extremely detailed Dewback.
Gentle Giant’s own line of women inspired from past iconic females!
Gentle Giant’s Marvel line, featuring a Hawkeye with interchangeable arrows!
The Ghost Rider figure lights up! Makes a great gift!
Walking Dead Zombie Army figures. GENIUS.
Cosplayers rejoice! The top left sheriff badge is a replica of Rick’s badge from the Walking Dead!
The designers at Gentle Giant looked back at their own collections just to make sure of the figures released that reproduce the Cantina bar scene!
The last of the Harry Potter figures feature Harry and Voldemort at the apex of their powers.
Comic Con exclusives! Who got the awesome Thanos bust?

After the awesome meeting with Gentle Giant, I had press conferences all day (audio will be posted later this week). Here are some pictures!

At the Beauty and the Beast press roundtables.
Tim Burton and crew discuss Frankenweenie!
The cast and crew for Oz The Great and Powerful.
The cast and crew for Wreck-It Ralph!

After roundtables and press conferences, it was party time!

Taking a pedicab around the Gaslamp District!
Got to attend the TV Line party at Nerd HQ and meet Michael Ausiello!
Awesome backdrop for the Dexter party.
Meeting the lovely Yvonne Strahovski was one of the highlights of SDCC 2012!

Partying all night was not conducive to an early morning, but I managed to wake up to my alarm, and make the autograph ticket lines, scoring a Game of Thrones sign pass.
On the agenda for Friday was the Resident Evil 5 press roundtables, Firefly press conference, as well as the Game of Thrones signing!

Taking a quick pic with the amazing Milla Jovovich after our roundtable interview!
Nathan Fillion getting emotional talking about Firefly at the press conference.
Firefly reunion photo op!
Game of Thrones!

In between all that, I got to check out the awesome Batmobiles on the lawn outside the convention center! (All pictures of Batmobiles taken by Gary Deocampo)

Adam West Batmobile!
Michael Keaton Batmobile!
Val Kilmer Batmobile!
George Clooney Batmobile!
Christian Bale Batmobile AKA Tumbler!
And for those Superman fans, here’s the costume from the movie (Picture taken by Gary Deocampo)!

AFter the excitement from the past 3 days, what else could Comic Con possibly have up their sleeves?
How about Breaking Bad, Robert Downey Jr., Walking Dead Zombie Run at Petco Park, and an awesome exclusive print by Mondo?

The insane line on Saturday morning!

With my con luck kicking into overdrive, I managed to get in line for the cast of Breaking Bad at the 10 AM signing at the Sony booth! The whole cast was very generous with their time, signing, taking pictures, and was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at Comic Con!

The cast of Breaking Bad greeting fans!
Walter White!
Don Cheadle and Shane Black signing at the Marvel Booth for Iron Man 3!
The kids dressed up as Iron Man gather at the front of the Marvel booth for a photo op.
Wait, who’s that?
Yep, it’s Tony Stark!

After thrilling kids and fans alike, I went across the street to Petco Park, where I participated in the Walking Dead Zombie Run! Here’s some pics from my run.

Zombies locked up in cages looking at the runners.
Such an awesome set up. The make up artists did an amazing job dressing the volunteers as zombies.
Climbing up rope ladders to get to the next stage of the run.
Crawling around to avoid more zombies.
And more crawling…
Spectators galore cheering the survivors on!
FEMA gives me the all clear!
Elijah Wood admiring the amazing Olly Moss Dark Knight Rises print released at Mondo!

After all that, I managed to stick around to see Nathan Fillion signing at the Marvel booth!

Nathan Fillion signing at the Marvel Booth!
Be as happy as Kristin Kreuk and come to Comic Con next year!


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