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Convention Scene Now at LightningBase WordPress Hosting


Hey, everyone.

I recently mentioned the likelihood that Convention Scene would be changing hosting companies. While I had been happy with the service at WP Engine, they recently informed me that they were increasing my hosting fee 400% and offered no help as to how I might modify the site to get it back down to a lower pricing tier. Naturally, this did not make me very happy so I began exploring my options. While a top WordPress consultant I spoke with recommended I go with a VPS (Virtual Private Server), that is something I really did not want to get into. I moved the site to WP Engine in the first place because I was tired of constantly tinkering with server settings, trying to make the site run better.

Looking around, I found a killer deal at LightningBase, a newcomer to the WordPress hosting scene. This isn’t really an endorsement since we just got moved over to their service today, but the site seems a smidge faster, don’t you think? Hopefully, we’ve found a stable home.


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