Sidebar Advertising Rates to Increase February 1st

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Hi, Everyone.

This will not be a popular announcement, but I need to let you know that our sidebar advertising rates will be increasing as of February 1st.

  • Our Standard 125×125 Block Ads will go from $125 a year to $175 a year
  • Our Supersized 120×240 Block Ads will go from $225 a year to $300 a year

Related to this, it looks like we will soon be changing hosting companies again. While we have been happy with WP Engine where the site has been hosted for over a year, they recently informed us of their intention to quadruple our hosting fees. Whether we move the site to a new host or not, we are looking at a significant increase in our hostings costs, necessitating an increase in our advertising revenue. We are sorry if this causes us to lose some clients along the way, but frankly, if we have fewer clients to serve, we will be able to provide better service to those remaining.

So if you have ever been on the fence about taking out a sidebar ad, now is the time to jump off it. If you are a current advertiser, you are welcome to renew your ad ahead of time in order to take advantage of our current rates.

All other advertising rates (banners, skyscrapers, etc.) will remain the same.

Current advertising rates and specifications can be found here:

Contact me with any questions.

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