MA – Distrust That Particular Flavor Signing

William Gibson signs on Wednesday, January 11th at 6pm at the Coolidge Corner Theatre – Tickets $5

In his fiction, William Gibson (Neuromancer, Pattern Recognition, Zero History) has chronicled like no other the future-become-present, giving rise to the idea of cyberpunk. In his new book, he collects his non-fiction essays—reflections from a unique mind on our quickly changing world.

Tickets for this event can be purchased 1) at the front register of the Brookline Booksmith 2) by calling 617.566.6660 3) online! Click here. NOTE: tickets purchased online must be paid for online and will not be shipped; we’ll hold them for you at the store.

Coolidge Corner Theatre
290 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02446-2908

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