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Press Release:

This Saturday, November 26th, Orbital Comics will be hosting a Comica Conversation between graphic novelists Nicola Streeten and Sarah Leavitt.

Nicola and Sarah have each used comics to address traumatic, higly personal experiences in their lives – Sarah Leavitt’s moving graphic memoir Tangles, now out on Jonathan Cape, chronicles how Alzheimer’s disease transformed her mother, and those around her, forever. Nicola Streeten’s Billy, Me and You, just released by Myriad, is a retrospective reflection of the experiences of losing her two year old child thirteen years ago.

Comica has brought them together to discuss their experiences, and the use of comics to address such emotional subjects.

Both authors will also be signing their books afterwards. The talk starts at 7:30pm, so arrive early to make sure you get a seat!

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