Scene on Video: EW Spots Honey Badger at SDCC 2011!

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Honey badger spotted at Comic-Con! — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Six months ago, the world was introduced to the honey badger via a laugh-out-loud funny viral video narrated by a sassy man known only as Randall. The indefatigable animal, Randall explained, “doesn’t give a s—.” You know who else doesn’t give a s—? The denizens of Comic-Con, a famously audacious crowd who think nothing of parading in public in all manner of crevice-hugging, skin-revealing costumes.

So Entertainment Weekly asked Randall, along with colleagues John Carlucci, Chris Gordon, and Dave Schlow, to turn their eyes to the wilds of the San Diego convention center during the height of Comic-Con craziness. They delivered an exclusive video report from San Diego Comic-Con International, or, as Randall initially puts it, “the San Diego Zoo’s annual Come Along Intentionally Tour!”

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