‘Toon Tumblers SDCC 2011 Exclusive Reveals Full Justice League Lineup?

'Toon Tumbler SDCC 2011 Exclusive Justice League

One of the buzzed about stories of the weekend was the reveal of this years Comic-Con International exclusive from ‘Toon Tumblers. Revealed on their Facebook page, the glass features artwork from Jim Lee and appears to reveal the complete lineup of the new Justice League coming out of their August/September relaunch.

It’s interesting to note how closely the new lineup follows the order in which members originally joined in the “satellite era.” After the “Big 7,” Green Arrow, the Atom, and Hawkman were the next 3 members to join and are all present here. Although his group then skips over Black Canary, the Phantom Stranger, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Hawkgirl, and Zatanna (who will be in Justice League Dark), Firestorm, the final new member of the Satellite Era is included, although his previous history with the team might not exist as Ronnie Raymond has been reduced to high school again in this DC relaunch. It’s sad to see Martian Manhunter’s history with the team seemingly excised. I wish they would say he was a founding member and just went on to Stormwatch recently.

As far as the other new members, we have Element Woman, which echoes the fact that Metamorpho was the first hero offered Justice League membership only to reject it (although he later joined the team during the International days). Element Woman also makes the second character known to make the post-Flashpoint jump to the regular DCU as it was previously revealed that the Peter Milligan created Mindwarp will go from Secret Seven to Justice League Dark. Since Geoff Johns is writing Flashpoint, it makes sense he would bring one of his new creations over. The same goes for the inclusion of Mera since Johns will be writing the new Aquaman monthly as well.

That just leaves the previously established Cyborg, the oddly included Deadman (who is also in Justice League Dark), and one mystery female character.

Toon Tumbler JLA SDCC


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