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The Great Allentown Comic Con! (July 2011)


Great Allentown Comic Con

Convention Name
The Great Allentown Comic Con!
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This convention will take place:

  • for one day only.


About This Convention
Over 600 free spaces for parking, Easy exit from Route 78 ->Lehigh St exit. 

We have over 80 Dealer tables available, with comics from the Silver Age to New releases, Action Figures, Cards, and Clothing and Much More! At a recent show our dealers sold CGC graded copies of Avengers #4 (Return of Capt. America), Journey into Mystery #83 (First Thor)…what deals will you find?

A fun-filled day for eveyone, with hourly Door Prizes, a No-Minimum Bid Auction at 3:30pm!

Guest Highlights:

James Q. Nygen!
Luis Small Jr.!
Bill Ellis!
And Many More! – Check our website for updates as the date gets closer!

Venue Name and Address
Merchants Square Mall
1901 S. 12th St.
Allentown, PA 18103
United States
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Projected Attendance
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Comic Books
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  • Anime
  • Gaming
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy


Louis Small Jr., James Nguyen, Bill Ellis, Mark Mariano, Dawn Griffin, Matt Reid


  1. Harvey award winning writer and creator Bryan J.L. Glass will be attending the July 16th Show!

    Bryan J.L. Glass is the two-time Harvey Award winning co-creator/writer of the The Mice Templar, the acclaimed Image Comics’ series. His Marvel Comics credentials thus far are Valkyrie and Thor: First Thunder, as well as the adaptation of the Riftwar Saga. Most recently he produced Thor: Son of Asgard for the iPhone, Burger King’s Kids Club Thor, and a special one-shot that teamed The New Avengers with the FDNY!

    Bryan’s first work in the comic industry was in the role of photographer, providing photo covers and interiors to such 80s series as Bill Willingham’s The Elementals, Matt Wagner’s Mage, and Eliot R. Brown’s Punisher Armory. Bryan first collaborated with Mike Oeming in the ’90s on Spandex Tights and Ship of Fools. After a brief absence from the industry, Bryan returned in 2003 with his first Mice Templar short stories, and then again in 2005 with Quixote: A Novel and 86 Voltz: The Dead Girl. He is currently developing several new series in various genres.

    Visit Bryan’s site at http://www.HiddenRobot.com/MICETEMPLAR/

  2. Current Guests List:
    Harvey Award Winner – Bryan JL Glass
    Amy Chace
    John Mclaren

    Louis Small Jr.
    James Q. Nguyen
    Dawn Griffin
    Matt Reid
    Nick Mockoviak
    Paul Benincasa
    SAN Emporium
    Mina Sanwald
    Vince LoGreco
    Darrell Goza
    Chris Grillo
    Donyae Cole
    Gerry Sankiewicz
    Bill Ellis

    Media/Pop Culture Guests:
    BrimStone (Hound Comics)
    Mine.Co (collecting social media site)
    Effigy Skateboards
    Geek Boy Press (Original Geek Culture Clothing)
    Eric Carr impersonator (via Rockhead Comics)

    Hound Comics
    Ultimate Comics Group
    Awakening Comics
    Underground Comixxx
    Rockheads Comics
    And Many More!

    Current Dealers include Vintage Golden/Silver age – modern comic and toy dealers such as:
    Gary Platt
    Dave Reynolds (Dave’s American Comics)
    M&T Comics
    The Encounter of Allentown
    Mark Shedrock
    Bill Parisho
    Geek Boy Press
    Ken Feduniewicz
    Wild Pig Comics
    Jimmy Loveridge
    The Comic Book Shop
    Joe Rodgers
    Dennis Updegrove
    Tom Jeron
    Zapp Comics
    Mark Walsh
    Gene’s Comics
    Salvatore Meo
    Riverside Comics
    Howard Tauber
    Robert Campitiello
    Carl Bartnick (Original G1 Transformers, Star Wars, & More Toys!)
    Pulp Comic and Vintage Memorabilia dealer- Josh Petrie
    Derek Woywood
    and many more!

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