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Exclusive BuffyFest Prints at Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con 2011


Press Release:

Artist Steve Scott “Slays” Wizard New Orleans! And You Can Own a Part of It!

New Orleans, LA– The Big Easy is gearing up for the first ever Wizard World New Orleans show, and as part of the celebration, Eva Ink Artist Group is proud to announce that artist Steve Scott has been tapped to produce exclusive “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” prints for the event–as part of “BuffyFest,” in the city that helped make vampires famous, no less!

Featuring major characters from the television show, the prints are offered in 3 verisons: blue tinted pencils, inks, and full color, and will be available for purchase at Steve’s table in Artist Alley. Also note that the actors gracing Steve’s prints will also be at the show in the flesh! So what a perfect opportunity to not only get the artist to sign your print, but get the actors to sign it as well!

Here’s a look at all three prints and quantities offered:

Steve Scott BuffyFest pencils

(Limited to 50 copies for the pencils print)

Steve Scott Buffy inks

(LImited to 150 copies for the inks print)

Steve Scott color Buffy

(Limited to 250 copies for the full color print)

As for Mr. Scott, well this is not his first foray into likenesses! Steve’s work has been featured on “Indiana Jones” at Dark Horse, on production art used onscreen for the “Smallville” telelvision show, not to mention that Steve was also the only artist tapped to do any sequential art for “Dark Knight,” for the Tostino promotional campaign in conjunction with DC Comics.

More of Steve’s recent sequential work includes “X-Men Forever,” an exclusive Green Lantern project with DC Comics and Con Edison, and the highly touted “Batman Confidential.”

Wizard World New Orleans takes place January 29th and 30th at the Ernest M. Morial Convention Center. Guests from the world’s of comic, film and television joining the line-up with artist Steve Scott at the show include: Michael Golden, Mark Texeira, Adam West, Phil Jiminez, Mike Grell, Bill Sienkiewcz, Arthur Suydam, Cameron Stewart, David Mack, Yanick Paquette, Rob Liefeld, Peter Tork, Tommy Castillo, Kevin Stokes, Billy Dee Williams, Renee Witterstaetter, and many more.

Again, the three versions of Steve’s print are limited and available only at his table in artist alley, so come out and enjoy this perfect print in the most vampire (and Buffy) friendly city we know.

For more information on Wizard New Orleans, go to: www.wizardworld.com

For more information on Steve Scott, his work, commissions and assignments contact Renee at: evaink@aol.com

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