E3 2010 Recap

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I had the opportunity to spend a day at E3 at LA’s Convention Center, and I have to say, after attending the event for the previous 2 years, it seemed a bit smaller in scale that before. I got a chance to test out the DCU MMO game (looking forward to it!), and also got a chance to check out all the booths (and booth babes!). Please forgive me for the picture overload, but without further ado, here it is!

Welcome to E3!

Virgin had a great display in front of the LACC hall.

A pretty lady giving out cold drinks on a hot day. Brilliant.

FIFA booth actually playing live games for the crowd.

Fifa's Booth Babes. Wow.

Halo display.

More booth babes in the West Hall area.

I wouldn't mind being arrested by them...

More random booth babes...

A crazy bear....

Nyko booth babes.

Another Sony Online booth babe.

More random booth babes.

Stormtroopers abound...

Battlestar Galactica displays.

Forsaken World Booth Babes.


The DCU game will have exclusive art drawn by the master, Jim Lee!

Chuck tests out new products at E3!

Jim Lee introducing the crowd to the DCU trailer!

People playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

THQ Booth Babes.

Battle Golums running around THQ.

Booth babes for as ring card girls.

Booth babes pose as referees.

Tron Legacy booth. Best visual displays of E3.

Sonic the Hedgehog display at E3.

Awesome Harry Potter Lego display.

Gotta go now! Off to Sesame Street...


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