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Guillermo del Toro to Announce Next Film at SDCC 2010


With the recent news that Director Guillermo del Toro has stepped away from The Hobbit, the prequel to The Lord of the Rings, everyone has been wondering what he will be up to next. Well, according to his statement on Del Toro Films, Comic-Con International: San Diego is where we will get an answer:

Van Helsing (writing and producing) is still in talks and not quite certain. Even then, I would like to share my plans only at COMICON. I am taking it slowly and marking very, very carefully the calendar of projects that I will be involved as producer, writer, etc I will not announce the project I intend to direct until then. I am very happy to say that all the projects and partnerships being considered are both quite surprising and, I hope, powerful. Much as I want, I cannot say much more at this time but I anxiously await to share these with you. I will be shopping on the floor in San Diego for several days. See you there!!


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