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Super Mega Fest (November 2010)


Convention Super Mega Fest
Convention Website http://www.supermegafest.com
Start Date 11/20/2010
End Date 11/21/2010
Convention Guests to be announced
Venue Address 1657 Worcester rd
Framingham, Mass 01701
United States
Number of Dealer/Exhibitor Tables 125
Projected Attendance 4000
What category best describes your convention? Comic Books
What other categories might be appropriate for your convention? – Anime
– Collectibles
– Gaming
– Horror
– Science Fiction and Fantasy
– Other


  1. 7/1/11 The SuperMegaFest in November 2010 was fabulous! What else was fabulous was I met this person from Ohio, her name was Victoria L. Ewing Mullins. She was dressed as “Wonder Woman” for the event including the costume judging contest. When I met her she was nice too me. She even gave me her email address herself(I didn’t ask for it). And we kept in touch from Nov. 2010 to Feb. 2011. She stopped emailing me. What has she been up to lately? When she stopped emailing me, I felt like it was something I said or did wrong. Well If you hear from her, could you let me know? Thank you. Sincerely, Kevin Shackett Jr.

  2. 7/1/11 Hello, When the next SuperMegaFest November 2011 comes, I hope these celebs can come. They are Lynda Carter, Donna Pescow(Saturday Night Fever), Carrie Fisher, Valerie Perrine, Margot Kidder, and Marc McClure. Lynda Carter reminds me of my favorite aunt whose her age and just as beautiful and gorgeous like her. I would tell her that myself. I had the biggest crushes on Donna Pescow(I hear that she’s very nice), Carrie Fisher, and Valerie Perrine. If you find out anything, let me know. Take care. Sincerely, Kevin Shackett Jr.

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