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Wondercon 2010!


Wondercon 2010 took place on April 2-4, 2010, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Run by the same company that runs San Diego Comic Con every year, Wondercon is paced a bit differently. It’s not as flashy, and it’s not as big as it’s big brother show, but Wondercon really captures a great comic convention, with just enough presence from the media to satisfy any visitor. It’s a well run show in a great location, and is one of my favorite shows every year. The only gripe I had about the show this year was the very uncooperating weather, but it wasn’t enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the show. Now, onto the wonders of Wondercon!

Wondercon Ticket Line. The excitement begins!
DC Main man Fletcher scheduling artists and writers for the DC booth.
IDW and Dark Horse booths standing out through the crowds of Wondercon.
Artist alley, home of my money.
The dance booth, one of the most popular booths at the show.
David Finch pleasing the fanboys with his artistic skill.
Meeting Adam Baldwin at the autograph area was SWEET. Chuck me.
Brent Spiner signs autographs for fans at the autograph booth.

And of course, what good is a con without cosplay? Here are some of the best ones I saw…

Stop poking me!
Dude, you need a tic tac.
Ok. Let's just shake on it and move on dude.
I'm lost.
Best costumes of the show.
DC main man Geoff Johns signing for the fans.
Progress on the 4 sketches.
My sketch! Sweet!
See you next year!


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