C2E2 Announces Initial Programming Schedule

Via C2E2:

Events – Panels & Screenings

170. What’s that? That’s the number of panels, screenings, and special events taking place at C2E2. We’ve got close to a dozen theaters, conference spaces, stages, and workshop rooms running all three days with some amazing content. Want to hear the latest from Marvel and DC? Check? Want to meet some of Chicago’s comic book hometown heroes? Check. Want to learn, change, and grow with talks from Reading With Pictures, Diamond, the Comics Studies Conference, and ICv2? Check. Want to see some weird, wonderful, and eclectic performances? Check. Want premiere screenings? Check. C2E2′s got them all, and you can delve into all three days of programming right here.

Note, though, that most of the schedule is now online, but much of our Hollywood and TV programming will be coming out later, and there are a few other events, too, that will be added to this list in the coming weeks.

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