Comic-Con International 2010 Hotel Reservations Open March 18th

Via Comic-Con:

Given the number of hotel rooms available for the number of participants attending, we know how challenging booking a room for Comic-Con can be. For this reason, we have implemented a new process that we hope will streamline the reservations process.

Comic-Con 2010 Hotel Reservations
– A User’s Guide

Our goals for this year’s Comic-Con hotel reservations system are to ensure simultaneous accessibility for all, while maintaining genuine first-come, first-served service — down to the millisecond. In the past 12 months we’ve worked hard to develop a system to achieve these goals. Thus, we’ve made changes to the process for this year and we wanted to give all of you an advanced heads up on how to have the best possible reservations experience.

The hotel reservations service will open on March 18th, at exactly 9:00am Pacific Time. Look for the hotel link to be posted on the Comic-Con website at that time. When you click through, you’ll be taken to a reservation preference information page. You’ll need to enter 12 hotel choices, in order of preference, so please preview the list of hotels and have your choices picked out in advance. Other information needed includes occupant names, arrival & departure dates, and your contact information, including email. When you hit submit, your information will be time stamped and logged into our database.

Within 3-5 hours from the time you hit submit, an email will arrive from “” confirming which hotel was available and reserved for you. The email will include instructions on how to provide your credit card deposit to confirm the reservation. For reservations of 10 or more rooms, please allow 3 business days for the email to arrive.
Additional Considerations:

* You’ll need to provide a deposit equal to one night’s room charge plus tax within 5 business days of receiving your confirmation.
* Reservations without deposit payment information on file after this time will automatically be cancelled.
* This deposit is fully refundable if your reservation is canceled by May 14, 2010.
* Reservations canceled May 15th through June 17th will incur a $75 cancel fee.
* The entire deposit becomes non-refundable if reservations are canceled on or after June 18, 2010.

Thank you
– Travel Planners


2 Responses to “Comic-Con International 2010 Hotel Reservations Open March 18th”
  1. H Doolin says:

    Interesting….but I am not sure if this is the way to go. It simply feels like they are taking the choice option away from the consumer now. It’s now….here is what we can get you….like it or lump it. No more voice on the other end of the phone trying to see what she can get you…no more option of 1 day here and 2 days there.

    I submitted my choices but we will see if I get anything in that regard.

    FYI, Hotel Planners…..make your option work on Firefox before you decide this is the only way you can reserve a room.

  2. Tom says:

    Wow, what a dissapointment. I logged on right at 9 Pacific. With all the web traffic, after selecting my hotels and filling out all of the information I got to the confirmation page at 9:07. I get my confirmation e-mail letting me know that I was booked at the LAST (12th) hotel on my list! Really, all 11 choices that I would have preferred were already selected to capacity in 7 minutes? What a joke.

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