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Long Beach Comic Con Part Deux


Long Beach Comic Con had a one day show to celebrate the success of it’s inaugural show. For a one day show, and a smaller venue, I was very shocked by the amount of creators that came to the show. Mike Mignola, Phillip Tan, Tim Bradstreet, Dustin Nguyen, Stan Sakai, Joe Benitez, Todd Nauck, Ebas, and many more artists and writers came out for this surprising busy show. With strong retailer presence and the star power with many comics creators, this show was a huge success.

Back to the Future car greets LBCC visitors.
Star Wars Car with Yoda.
KITT makes an appearance at LBCC.
Just a really nice car parked next to the theme cars.
R2D2 zooms by the show floor.
Aspen greets visitors as they walk through the door.
Todd Nauck's line starts to form in the morning. His line was steady throughout the whole day.
Booths attract buyers. Great deals all around!
Phillip Tan happily draws a commission.
Stan Sakai calculates his sale to a customer.
Aspen's Frank Mastromauro and JT Krul share a laugh at LBCC.
Steve Niles organizes his trades for shoppers.
Letterer extraordinaire Richard Starkings sign Elephantmen books.
Mike Mignola sketches away at LBCC.
Ebas sketches for fans at LBCC.
Cosplayers pose for pictures.
Superman: I can bend adamantium shields! Cap: NOOOOOO!
Tim Bradstreet sketches a commission at LBCC.
My Phillip Tan commission done at the end of the show. Great ending to a great show. See you back in October!