Scene on the Web: Comics Buyer’s Guide Brightest Day Cover

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SPOILERS FOR BLACKEST NIGHT: So who will be around in the DC Universe besides Aquaman post-Blackest Night? Check out this apparent upcoming cover to Comics Buyer’s Guide by David Finch for a whole lot of clues.

Archaia Announces Mouse Guard Anthology

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Los Angeles, CA (March 29, 2010) – Answering the call of fans and retailers clamoring for more Mouse Guard stories, Archaia Entertainment proudly announced the launch of a new anthology miniseries, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, featuring covers and chapter breaks written and drawn by creator David Petersen and contributions from popular comic writers and artists, including Gene Ha, Terry Moore, Ted Naifeh, Guy Davis, Sean Rubin, Mark Smylie, Craig Rousseau, Karl Kerschl, Katie Cook and Jeremy Bastian. Issue #1 (full color, 24 pages, 8″ x 8″, $3.50, Diamond Order Code MAR10 0699) is available for pre-order now and will debut in comic book shops in May.
“It started with the excitement and pleasure I had when Jeremy Bastian and Mark Smylie did their pinups for Volume 1 of Mouse Guard,” explained Petersen about the genesis of Legends of the Guard. “Jeremy and Mark really got the feel of Mouse Guard, and knowing them and their storytelling work, I invited them to do a story anytime they liked. As more and more pinups came in and the series gained fans among professionals I admired, the list of people who I thought were a good fit and would be willing to do a Mouse Guard story grew. Archaia also liked the idea, so with list in hand, we started setting up the book.”
“I have such a deep admiration for Mouse Guard, which is why I decided to publish it in the first place several years ago,” expressed Archaia Publisher Mark Smylie (Artesia), whose contribution to the mini-series will appear in issue #4. “It’s an honor and a privilege for David to give me this opportunity to play in his sandbox.”
Legends of the Guard is set in a tavern in the Mouse Guard world, where a group of Guard Mice each take turns trying to spin the tallest tale. Petersen writes and draws the scenes set in the tavern, while contributions from each of the hand-picked creators will serves as the “tales.”
“These are some of my favorite storytellers, and I’m lucky enough to have them telling Mouse Guard stories,” beamed Petersen. “The quality of work coming in is amazing! I’m glad to see the range in artistic styles.”

“Some dismiss Mouse Guard as a children’s book—they fault the art and story for its simplicity. They need to give it another look!” said Gene Ha (Top 10, The Authority: The Lost Year), who contributes to a story in issue #2 (full color, 24 pages, 8″ x 8″, $3.50, Diamond Order Code APR10 0733). “There’s a depth one rarely finds in an action story. David Petersen’s heroes never descend to glib jokes and supernatural fighting prowess. The mice must think, and there’s great pleasure guessing their thoughts. It is not a wordy book—the clues are laid out in his artful combination of dialogue and pictures.”
Mouse Guard is one of the best things ever. I love the story, I love the characters and I LOVE David’s art,” offered Katie Cook, who is a favorite artist amongst Star Wars fans and is contributing to the third issue. “What fan wouldn’t jump up at the chance to officially play around in the amazing Mouse Guard world that David has created?”
David Petersen also writes and draws an 11-page, original Mouse Guard story in Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day issue, the Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock flip book, available for free in comic book shops on May 1, 2010. In September, Petersen launches Mouse Guard Vol. 3: The Black Axe, a six-issue series.
About Archaia
Archaia has built an unparalleled reputation for producing meaningful content that perpetually transforms minds. With a slate including the popular Eisner Award-winning title Mouse Guard, as well as Awakening, Gunnerkrigg Court, Roddenberry Productions’ Days Missing, The Killer, Robotika, Killing Pickman, Artesia and the Publisher’s latest additions of Titanium Rain; Tumor; The God Machine; The Jim Henson Company library; and Mr. Murder Is Dead and Lucid with Before the Door Pictures, Archaia has become synonymous with quality content.
For more information on Archaia or any Archaia titles please visit Archaia can also be found on Facebook (, MySpace ( and Twitter (

Scene on Video: Galactic Empire State of Mind

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Via CollegeHumor:

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

No longer Anakin
Formerly a Skywalker
Son’s next rebel hero
But I’ll be Sith forever
I’m the newest Dark lord And since my training years
I can choke from anywhere
Yeah my force is everywhere Used to run with Obi Wan We were both best buds foreva
But after three movies Now I’ve got a blood vendetta Grew up on Tatooine
No vegetation Catch me rolling through the cosmos in a moon-like station to Leia’s home nation Death Star wrecks it Now princess knows, Vader ain’t one to mess with
Flying through the trenches
Blasting rebel noobies
What happened to the fat one
Think he died of heart disease All that’s left is this guy
Chasing him in my TIE I won’t deny That his force is pretty damn high
Damn i just got wiped out
Falcon shot the back of me
Spinning into outerspace
But I’ll be back definitely

In Star Wars Empire is out to find Leia Death star plans in R2 Shoot the exhaust port Kenobi may now be see-through But the force is within Luke
Let’s hear it for new hope, new hope, new hope
[Vader: You’re welcome Obi Wan… I made you a ghost!]

Catch me rockin boots and a cape like superman
Hell, I made wearing black more famous than that Jay-Z can
You should know I’d find you, hiding out at Echo
Now I got a Blizzard Force eliminate you quick yo
Welcome to the planet Hoth AT-ATs hit the spot Walking tanks are too legit
But they fall down a lot Check the front, check the back, cant find the Falcon yet
We need them all alive, so no disintegrations Boba Fett 8 million asteroids, where’d your little ship go?
Get me to Cloud City, I got Lando on my payroll
Me I gotta double check if carbonite’s ok If freezin’s safe for Han
Doing Luke the same way
New deal Lando
Ain’t no pardon
Kid blew up my boys
Rest in peace Moff Tarkin
Turns out we are family
Embrace your dark fate
Dad and son together, yo No way the emperor’s safe, cause…

Now Han Solo’s a coffee table
There’s nothing Luke can do [Vader: Should’ve joined me, bro!]
He’s on Dagobah
With some dyslexic Jedi dude
Right hand still got sliced through Looks like they struck back, struck back, struck back

Lightsabers grinding
Palpatine’s smiling
Cause he knew it would come to this The light side is blind with casualties
Who do evil casually, then gradually become worse
Don’t fight your destiny
Wasn’t a great dad, true
Absent all the while
No happy times behind us, and plus, now I’m killin’ you
Keep fencing mister, ’cause now I sense a sister
You don’t go bad, maybe I’ll enlist her
Now Emperor wants you, only wants me rubbed out You controlled your anger, stayed light side devout Watch out kid, he’s got lightning bolts to immolate Uh-uh, hell no, daddy powers activate
End this prune with a badass murder suicide
Bald headed, mask off, heart melted kid you were right Burn all my gear so those Ewoks can’t wear it again
Do it, I’ll be watching you, a ghost, name of Anakin

Destroy new Death Star’s generator
Ewoks to the rescue
Blast through to the core
This Regime’s gonna be brand new
Galactic Empire’s through
The Jedi have returned, returned, returned

Milla Jovovich Joins Resident Evil Panel at WonderCon

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Via Comic-Con:

Saturday: 1:45-2:15 Screen Gems: Resident Evil: Afterlife

In case you missed last night’s exclusive WonderCon World Premiere at the Metreon of the 3-D trailer for Screen Gems’ fourth film in this fan favorite franchise, writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson along with stars Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter will be on hand to show it again (in 2D) and answer your questions.

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice (Milla Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead—and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

The fourth installment of the hugely successful Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife is again based on the wildly popular video game series, and will this time be presented in 3-D. Esplanade Ballroom

Wizard Adds Horror Film Killer Short Competition to 2010 Events

Press Release:


NEW YORK and ANAHEIM, Calif., March 15, 2010 – From Frankenstein to Halloween to Saw, horror films have been a staple for moviegoers for generations. Now, fans attending Wizard Comic Con events in 2010, beginning next month in Anaheim, Calif., can take part in The NYC Horror Film Festival’s Killer Short Sudden Death Competition, in which short filmmakers will have their work viewed by a live audience and voted into the NYC Horror Film Festival program later this year. Comic Con audiences will have the opportunity to select one winner at each of six 2010 Wizard Conventions – Anaheim (April 16-18), Philadelphia (June 11-13), Chicago (August 19-22), Philadelphia (June 11-13), New England (Oct. 1-3), New York (October 7-10) and New Jersey (Oct. 15-17) – that will become part of the 2010 NYC Horror Film NYC Festival program later this year.

The competition is part of the “Horror Pavilion,” to be featured at Comic Con shows beginning at Anaheim. Aspiring filmmakers are invited to submit their work for consideration at each show.

“The addition of the Film Competition to the Wizard Comic Con series gives attendees who love horror an early look at some new works from talented filmmakers, and the chance to choose which they like best,” said Gareb Shamus, Wizard Entertainment CEO. “We are always trying to bring unique programming to the Series and, combined with the Horror Pavilion, the offerings in this area are even greater.”

NYC Horror Film Festival’s The Killer Short Sudden Death Competition is the ultimate horror and sci-fi short film series where the audience selects the winners. The brain child of Mauceri and Michael J. Hein, festival director of the NYC Horror Film Festival, The Killer Short Sudden Death Competition was first held at the Monster Mania convention, August 2009. The audience winner was a short from the Dublin-based company First Quarter Films, Wheels of Death, directed by Edward & Rob Kennedy. Coming together swiftly in order to meet the approaching convention deadline, the organizers were stunned by the over 40 submissions and an audience in excess of 150 attendees.

In six major cities, the competition offers filmmakers a unique opportunity to have their short films screened and voted on by hundreds of fans, and a chance to win a coveted programming slot at the 2010 NYC Horror Film Festival’s Killer Short Sudden Death Competition. Submissions will be accepted on the following schedule:

Wizard Anaheim Comic Con. April 16-18, 2010:
Via the mail beginning February 15, 2010 and post marked no later than April 5, 2010
On site beginning April 16, 2010, until 2:00 pm Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Wizard Philadelphia Comic Con. June 11-13, 2010:
Via the mail beginning April 9, 2010 and post marked no later than May 28, 2010
On site beginning June 11, 2010, until 2:00 pm Saturday, June 12, 2010.

Wizard Chicago Comic Con Aug. 19-22, 2010:
Via the mail beginning June 14, 2010, and post marked no later than Aug. 2, 2010
On site beginning Aug. 19, 2010, until 2:00 pm Saturday, Aug. 21, 2010.

New England Wizard World Oct. 1-3, 2010:
Via the mail beginning Aug. 30, 2010, and post marked no later than Sept. 24, 2010
On site beginning Oct. 1, 2010, until 2:00 pm Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010

Big Apple/Wizard Comic Con October 7-10, 2010:
Via the mail beginning August 4, 2010, and post marked no later than Sept. 29, 2010
On site beginning Oct. 7, 2010, until 2:00 pm Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010.

Wizard New Jersey Comic Con October 15-17, 2010:
Via the mail beginning August 11, 2010, and post marked no later than Oct. 06, 2010
On site beginning Oct. 15, 2010, until 2:00 pm Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010.

For information on submitting to the Killer Short Sudden Death Competition, please contact Michael J. Hein at (201) 666-6729 or, or Joseph B. Mauceri at (917) 604-4878 or

Anaheim Comic Con brings together fans of comics, toys, collectibles and offers a chance to see actors, writers, artists and the best each industry has to offer.

For more Anaheim Comic Con guest and programming updates, check out our fan page ANAHEIM COMIC CON on Facebook.

Save up to 15 percent off the price of tickets by ordering your tickets in advance. Tickets are priced higher at the door.

About Gareb Shamus:
Gareb Shamus founded Wizard Entertainment in 1991. Today, Shamus publishes consumer magazines Wizard, ToyFare, FunFare and numerous books about pop-culture’s top talent, comic books and toys. Shamus also produces a North American Comic Con tour.

Wizard World Comic Con Tour:
March 26-28, 2010, Toronto Comic Con, Direct Energy Centre
April 16-18, 2010, Anaheim Comic Con, Anaheim Convention Center
June 11-13, 2010, Philadelphia Comic Con, Pennsylvania Convention Center
August 19-22, 2010, Chicago Comic Con, Donald E. Stephens (Rosemont) Convention Center
October 1-3, 2010, New England Comic Con, John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center
October 7-10, 2010, Big Apple Comic Con, Pier 94
October 15-17, 2010, New Jersey Comic Con, New Jersey Convention and Expo Center
November 12-14, 2010, Austin Comic Con, Austin Convention Center
December 3-5, 2010, Atlanta Comic Con, Cobb Galleria Centre
Cincinnati Comic Con, TBD
Cleveland Comic Con, TBD
Nashville Comic Con, TBD

MA – Framing the Story

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SAGE STOSSEL and HILARY PRICE discuss “Framing the Story: Cartooning and Graphic Novels”

Cambridge Forum is pleased to present local cartoonists SAGE STOSSEL and HILARY PRICE as they explore creativity under the pressure of daily deadlines and rigid formal requirements. What impact do external structural demands have on the creative artist? The work of art? Using the parameters of the daily cartoon strip and the graphic novel as models, they ask how do formal rules change and develop as an art form grows, attracting new audiences and taking on new roles in the world of art. 

DATE: Wednesday, April 21st
TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: First Parish Church, 3 Church Street, Cambridge, MA 
TICKETS: This event is free; no tickets are required
Sage Stossel is a native of Belmont, Massachusetts, and a graduate of Harvard College (1993), where she contributed a weekly cartoon strip, “Jody,” to the Harvard Crimson. She is an editor at The Atlantic Monthly and the books editor of The Radcliffe Quarterly. Her editorial cartoon feature, “Sage, Ink,” appears regularly in The Atlantic Monthly Online. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Hilary B. Price graduated from Stanford, and started Rhymes with Orange when she was twenty-five. A few years later, she packed up and moved to Massachusetts where she draws the strip in what was once a toothbrush factory. In 2006, Hilary won the Best Cartoon Panel from the National Cartoonists Society. Rhymes with Orange appears in 150 newspapers across North America, including the Toronto Star.

FL – FCBD: Clobberin’ Time

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Aaron Lopresti, Brandon Peterson, Paul Pelletier, Wil Quintana, Morry Hollowell, and more sign at Yancy Street Comics for Free Comic Book Day (May 1st). 

Yancy Street Comics, 9409 US 19 in Gulfview Square Mall, Port Richey, FL 34668


UK – Newcon Press Signing

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FORBIDDEN PLANET is delighted to be hosting one of our famous multi-author events. To celebrate two brand new NEWCON PRESS anthologies, THE BITTEN WORD and CONFLICTS, at 5pm on April 22nd, Forbidden Planet, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London will be playing host to:

Keith Brooke
Eric Brown
David L Clements
Andy Remic
Sarah Singleton
Kari Sperring
Sam Stone
Ian Watson
Ian Whates

This is a new-format signing, no tables, no queues – we open out the store floor and give readers a chance to meet the authors and talk to them about their work. An array of fantastic books will be on hand to be signed – including Ian Whates’ CITY OF DREAMS AND NIGHTMARE and Ian Watson’s ORGASMACHINE.

Also available will be special pre-publication copies of Andy Remic’s SOUL STEALERS, second book of his successful CLOCKWORK VAMPIRE series from Angry Robot Books.

SF – The Long Man Signing

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Batman writer Steve Englehart celebrates the release of his new novel, The Long Man

Cartoon Art Museum Event:  Wednesday, April 14, 2010 7pm  to 9pm
$5 suggested donation

San Francisco, CA:  The Cartoon Art Museum welcomes the critically-acclaimed comic book writer and author Steve Englehart for a discussion of his writing career and a booksigning on Wednesday, April 14 2010, from 7pm to 9pm.  Englehart and artists Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin collaborated on the DC Comics title Detective Comics in the 1970s, producing a series of fondly remembered and highly influential Batman stories. 

Englehart served as DC’s lead writer and oversaw all of their major characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash), and his Marvel Comics credits include many of their most popular characters, such as The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer and many others.  He has written for a number of animated television programs as well, including Street Fighter, G.I. Joe, and Captain America.

In 1980, Englehart wrote his first novel, The Point Man, about a disc jockey working on Sutter Street who stumbled into a war between psychic Russian espionage agents and a medieval wizard who managed a rock star—which turned out the be the tip of a very large iceberg.  This year sees the release of his follow up novel, The Long Man, published by Tor Books. 

The suggested donation for this event is $5.  Doors will open at 6:45pm. 

The Long Man

Max August, a point man for his platoon in Vietnam, discovered a different kind of war in 1980, a hidden war between the forces of freedom and bondage. Under the tutelage of legendary alchemist Cornelius Agrippa, he began to learn the use of real-world magick in the service of humanity, against those who would control us.

In 1985, Max stopped aging. He became “timeless,” the Long Man, and began to live forever in the prime of his life. In the years since, he’s worked on perfecting his skills so he can stay alive to fight a war that never ends, because like any warrior, he can be killed. Others have been killed-Agrippa, for one, and Max’s wife for another. So he’s learned magick, honed his combat skills, and worked every other discipline he could. He calls himself an alchemist with a gun, and he’s not wrong.

This past Hallowe’en, Max was summoned to protect Dr. Pamela Blackwell, a beautiful, savvy scientist at the Centers for Disease Control. Dr. Blackwell’s research into neurotoxins could save millions of lives, but it has put her in the crosshairs of the FRC, a cabal determined to rule the world through any means possible: military action, economic manipulation, political chicanery . . . and magick. They are utterly ruthless,  and they have a deadly reason for keeping Pam’s discovery from being made public.

Max and Pam together must travel to Barbados and beyond to destroy Pam’s assailants before they destroy her. And when they do, they uncover the reason she was targeted-a monstrous plot by men and women who will literally stop at nothing. Max will have to be more than just timeless to survive everything he’ll face as he races to stop a genocide of untold proportions. And Pam must master his real-world ways of magick if she’s to have any chance of survival at all.

 Cartoon Art Museum, 655 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

AR – FCBD: Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer Signing

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Creator & artist Dusty Higgins (Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer) signs at Autobot City Comics 12 PM – 2 PM.

Autobot City Comics, 111 South Main St, Benton, AR 72015


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