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Long Beach Comic Con 2010 Report!


On October 2, 2009, the Long Beach Comic Con opened its doors to the public. With an extremely successful weekend highlighted by the appearance of Stan “The Man” Lee, LBCC decided to do a one day show for this coming Saturday, February 20th, 2010. With artists such as Tim Bradstreet, Mike Mignola and Eric Basaldua, expect this show to be an affordable experience for comic fans in the Southern California area!

Here’s a look back to the inaugural Long Beach Comic Con!

Golden Apple and Atomic Comics join forces as their booth greets you as you enter the LBCC doors.
Aspen Comics also greets you near the front.
Jim and Stan Lee sign autographs for the crowd.
Artist Alley was packed with artists. Here, Livesay talks with a potential customer.
Jon Bogdanove draws an awesome Doomsday.
Talent Caldwell talks with other artists in Artist Alley.
Mike Choi draws a sweet Wolverine for a fan.
Shopping galore at LBCC too!
The biggest "booth" of the show was Nintendo's booth. Here, they promote their DS.
LBCC attendees try out the Wii Fit Plus.
LBCC attendees having fun. Have fun this Saturday at LBCC 2010!