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I’m With Coco!


On Sunday, 1/17/10, Golden Apple threw a signing event supporting Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco, selling I’m With Coco posters and with artist Mike Mitchell in attendance. Mitchell told everyone about the rally going on the next day, in front of Conan’s studio at the Universal Lot. He also mentioned the Red Cross will be there as well, asking people to donate money for charitable causes, such as the Haiti earthquake crisis. A long line of people braved rainy conditions and came out to support Team Coco and bought posters. Here are some pictures of the event:

Golden Apple, host of the I'm With Coco event.
Golden Apple's window display for the event.
Owner Ryan Liebowitz gives a Thumbs up for the I'm With Coco posters.
Mike Mitchell in the front of the ever growing line of fans.
The line eagerly awaiting to get a signed poster.
Mike Mitchell getting to work, signing posters.
Mike Mitchell and crew recording the event for posterity.
NBC interns recording fans reactions of the NBC/Leno/O'Brien fallout.
Ryan and Mike ask you to join Mike and Team Coco tomorrow for the rally!