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Spiderman 4 News


With the news that Spiderman 4 has been scrapped and they are planning a massive reboot, what should the new plot be? I would love to see a script where Spiderman battles it out with the Vulture (John Malkovich would be awesome!), and featuring the Black Cat. I’m hoping that the minor characters (JJJ, Dr. Conners, Aunt May) will be retained, even though both Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are out, along with director Sam Raimi. I’ve set up 2 proposed casts (one if they cotinued the storyline, and another if they go with “Ultimate Spiderman” and cast the characters back in HS) that might fill Spidey’s big shoes:

Peter Parker/Spiderman: Jake Gyllenhall
This almost happened for Spiderman 2. They look so much alike, they even played brothers in a movie titled Brothers.  Gyllenhall is a capable actor and more than ready to sling the webs.

Ultimate Peter Parker: Joseph Gordon Levitt
Joseph Gordon Levitt can portray awkwardness and nerdiness in typical Parker fashion, but can also sound and portray Spiderman if need be. He’s even got the floppy hair that is shown in Ultimate Spiderman.

Mary Jane Watson: Christina Hendricks
In the comics, MJ is a supermodel. It’s time we got a girl who can fill that role and really make men think that we just hit the jackpot everytime she lights up the screen.  A natural red head to boot and has the acting chops to go with the looks.

Ultimate Mary Jane: Evan Rachel Wood
Ultimate MJ is a little geekier than her regular Marvel continuity predecessor and is best friend to our hero, as well as being the damsel in distress. Evan Rachel Wood can do all 3, and as a bonus, she even looks great as a red head. Heck, she would have been cast in Spiderman the Musical had it gone through.

Black Cat: Rachel McAdams
I know we heard the rumors of McAdams playing the sultry Black Cat. And why not? Can you imagine her in that costume? YOWZA.

Ultimate Black Cat: Megan Fox
A man can dream, right?

Director: James Cameron
Hey with his track record, he could probably make a blockbuster with rubber bands and empty soda cans. The man is a genius.

Realistic Director: Jon Favreau
Why not? He did a great job on Iron Man, can easily infuse humor and action, and bring Spidey up to date in the modern era. Maybe he can make a cameo too as Happy Hogan.

Any suggestions?


  1. Wow! I’m in shock. I just saw the news about the reboot. I really did not see that coming. Only thing is that they are talking about taking Peter back to high school so your cast suggestions will be too old. And James Cameron is going to be busy with Avatar sequels for the next number of years.

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