Joseph Koch & Neat Stuff Collectibles Warehouse Buying & Selling Event (December 2009)

Joseph Koch & Neat Stuff Collectibles

Convention Joseph Koch & Neat Stuff Collectibles Warehouse Buying & Selling Event
Convention Website
Start Date 12/12/2009
End Date 12/13/2009
About This Convention: Where: 206-208 41st St., Brooklyn, NY 11232 (Corner of 2nd Avenue)
When: Saturday December 12th and Sunday December 13, 11am to 5pm.

Joseph Koch & Neat Stuff Collectibles present the largest single vendor buying and selling event in comics history! We have 1,000,000 comics to sell, and are looking to buy MILLIONS more! NOT ONLY COMICS, we’re looking to buy and sell all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia, including:

Comic Books, Sports Cards and collectibles, Non-Sports Cards, World’s Fair items, James Bond, Original Comic Art, Music Memorabilia, Puzzles, Lunchboxes, Toys, and Games. You name it, We want it! BUYING, Selling, and Trading EVERYTHING! Paying Top Dollar! $$$$

Has your comic store given up on selling back issues? They only carry a few issues here or there? Don’t fret. Back issues do have a home in NYC – in Brooklyn! 3/4 million sorted books, 200,000+ for $1 each. Is your comic store not interested in buying your collection, because they don’t sell back issues? Bring ‘em to Brooklyn!

The hot and hip outer borough, Brooklyn is the primordial home of Pop Culture: In 1999, Victoria (Posh Spice) and soccer star David Beckham named their first child “Brooklyn”. Over 50 years earlier, Jack (King) Kirby, co-creator of Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the X Men, and the entire medium-revolutionizing Marvel Comics Universe – knighted the American member of the Nazi-fighting Boy Commandos “Brooklyn”. Bring us your Neat Stuff to sell and star in your own “Brooklyn Antiques Roadshow”!

Please call 1-800-723-5572 and go to for more information and updates.
Sponsored in part by Forbidden Planet New York.

Convention Guests TBA
Venue Name Joseph Koch Warehouse
Venue Address 206-208 41st St.
Brooklyn, NY 11232
United States
What category best describes your convention? Comic Books
What other categories might be appropriate for your convention? - Collectibles
- Other

 	Joseph Koch & Neat Stuff Collectibles Warehouse Buying & Selling Event


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