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Baltimore Non-Sports Card Convention (March 2010)


MARCH 21, 2010, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Baltimore Non-Sports Card Convention

Baltimore Non-Sports Card Convention

Towson Place Hotel & Suites
Formerly the Holiday Inn Baltimore-Towson)
1100 Cromwell Bridge Road, Towson, Maryland
Click here for map and directions.
Free parking!

Featuring 40+ tables of exhibitors. Buy, sell, and trade.

Door prizes. Free promos from card manufacturers. Free sample copy of The Wrapper magazine.

Free limited edition “Great Defender” Baltimore Non-Sports Card Convention promo card with each paid admission, while supplies last! Only 1000 will be printed, so one per person, please.
Courtesy Custom-TradingCards.com by Creative Instinct.

Special Guests appearing include:

Jeff Zapata – Jeff Zapata is currently art director at Topps. His credits include Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, and Lord of the Rings as well as editing several sets of Topps card sets from licensed properties including Marvel Legends, Simpsons, Pokeman, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many more.

Mark Pingitore – Mark Pingitore is a full-time artist in the animation business who did concept work for the Garbage Pal Kids card series and also Hollywood Zombies.

Jim Kyle – Jim Kyle is a professional illustrator now working in the non sport field.  Kyle has done work for all of the major non sport companies including Topps, Rittenhouse, Breygent, Marvel, DC, and Lucasfilm. His web site is www.jimkyle.net.

Joseph Havlock – Joseph (Joey) Havlock is a contemporary artist that combines state of the art technology with state of the art human dynamics.  His featured works can be seen on www.havlock.com.Havlock is one of the curators of The Trading Card Museum.

Rhonda Havlock – Rhonda Havlock has been creating artwork for the past 10 years, from painting with oils and water-colors to working with pen, ink, and colored pencil in addition to several other forms of non-traditional media.  Havlock currently has several projects that she’s working on, including Deco Max, Cocktails, Portraits, Marilyn Monroe, Abstract Geometry series, and more.  Some of her featured works can be seen on www.RhondaHavlock.com.  Ms. Havlock is one of the curators of The Trading Card Museum.

Sir Shadow – Sir Shadow is a unique 21st century artist whose style is both exciting and fascinating in its content.  Shadow’s work is internationally acclaimed and universally appreciated.  You may view some of Sir Shadow’s artwork on his website, www.SirShadow.com.

Ted Dastick Jr. – Ted Dastick Jr. is a professional sketch card artist who has worked on a variety of cards and sets including licensed properties such as Clone Wars Season I, Star Wars Galaxy, Indiana Jones, Marvel Masterpieces, Archie, and Legends & Lore.  Some of Dastick’s featured works can be seen on www.tdastick.deviantart.com.

Martin Grams and Terry Salomonson –  Martin Grams and Terry Salomonson are the authors of the up-coming GREEN HORNET book due for publication January 2010.  Martin’s TWILIGHT ZONE book recently won the Rondo Award for “Best Book of the Year.”  For more details on the upcoming GREEN HORNET book, visit www.OldTimeRadioTapes.homestead.com/home.html

Steven Miller – Steven Miller is a professional artist who has caused quite a splash in the non-sport trading card industry.  Since his first published piece hit the George Perez Newsletter, his work has graced the cover of Non-Sport Update, followed by original sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives’ Art and Images of Xena: Warrior Princess, Art and Images of Star Trek The Original Series, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, and The Complete Avengers.  Miller’s work can also be seen on Artbox’s Frankenstein release and Topps Lord of the Rings Masterpieces series.  These high profile trading card series have landed Miller’s work on the desks at companies like Universal Studios, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros.  To find out about Miller’s next projects, visit www.Miller777Art.com.

U.S.S. William Penn – The U.S.S. William Penn is a newly-forming chapter of Starfleet, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.  It serves the Pennsylvania Capital area with members currently from Dillsburg, Elizabethtown, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Leola, and Manheim.  Membership is, however, open to all interested sci-fi fans.  Although Star Trek will be the primary area of interest of the group, other science fiction TV shows and movies will be discussed and watched at meetings.  For more information, visit them online at www.usswilliampenn.com.

Brian Kong – Brian Kong has worked professionally in comics and advertising industries for over 12 years.  Kong first started at Marvel comics penciling a pin-up for Fantastic Four unlimited.  He has been working on sketch cards for the past three years on almost every major property including Star Wars, LOTR and MLB (to name a few).  You can also see sketch cards by Brian in the new X-MEN archives and Justice League card sets from Rittenhouse.  To view samples of Brian’s work, visit his website, www.BrianKong.com.  Brian’s appearance is currently “Tentative”.

More to be announced!

Manufacturers/Publishers appearing include:

Non-Sport Update magazine – Non-Sport Update magazine is a bi-monthly magazine (since 1990) for the discriminating collector of non-sport cards.  For more information, visit their site at www.NonSportUpdate.com.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM) is a journey through 250 years of American pop culture, located in historic Camden Station at Camden Yards in Baltimore Maryland, just a few blocks from the city’s famed Inner Harbor. The museum exhibits nearly 6,000 pop culture artifacts from the late 1700s to the present day, including comics, toys, dolls, games, trading cards, and memorabilia of every conceivable category. The museum is owned by Stephen A. Geppi, President and CEO of Diamond Comics Distributors. Don’t forget to check out their museum after the convention!  For more information, visit www.geppismuseum.com

Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd. – Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd. specializes in science fiction and fantasy based collectables, including trading cards, audio cards, limited edition prints, bobble head figures, cereal and more.  Rittenhouse currently boasts more than a dozen licenses, including the entirety of Star Trek, James Bond, Marvel, DC Comics, Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Conan, Battlestar Galactica (both classic and current), WNBA, and PBA.  Rittenhouse will be handing out free samples and promotional items for this event.  Rittenhouse’s website address is www.scifihobby.com.

The Trading Card Museum is a website built by and for trading card collectors, artists, dealers, producers and enthusiasts. The museum will be producing and providing giveaway Promo Cards designed exclusively for this event. Visit the site at www.thetradingcardmuseum.com.

More to be announced!


Robert Winter – Robert Winter is a well-renowned dealer in the trading card world that specializes in vintage high grade 1950-1960s.

Alan Miley – Alan Miley is a quality dealer that specializes in a wide array of non-sport cards including tobacco cards, coffee cards, candy and gum cards, and more!

Chick’s Collectibles – Chick’s Collectibles has been doing the Philly show for over 10 years.  Based in Baltimore, Maryland and operated by Harry “Chick” Veditz, Chick’s Collectibles specializes in promo cards and flats, singles from sets (50’s-00’s), food sets, insert cards, unusual sets, and related products.

Rick’s Cards – Rick’s Cards is conveniently located in Stephenson, VA. Rick carries loads of non-sport cards, from The X-Files to Catwoman, to The Osbournes and Looney Tunes (to name a few). Rick also carries vintage cards and gaming cards. Rick currently promotes several Card and Coin Shows each year.

Mikz Cardz – Mikz Cardz is operated by owner Mike Surratt.  Mike will be bringing regular base set singles (something you rarely see at shows anymore) plus great deals on numerous card sets.  Besides from being a card dealer, Mike is an extreme card collector as he considers himself a “cardaholic”. To view Mik’z “Trading Card Needs” and his “Personal Collection”,  visit his “Little Home On The Web!”, www.MikeSurratt.com/main-new.htm.

Anna Marie and Mike Ruggeri – Anna Marie and Mike Ruggeri own and operate P.K. Comics & Cards, a New Jersey based company that specializes in vintage non-sports from the 1930’s to the early 1970’s.  A great seller and buyer of vintage and new comic books and non-sports cards and other collectibles.

More to be announced!

Admission: $5 for adults, free admission for children under 12.

Want to exhibit? For more information, call 717-542-0567 or email NonSportsCard@yahoo.com.