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Disney Buys Marvel for $4 Billion!


This morning, the comics industry was hit with huge news, stating that Disney had bought out Marvel for $4 billion dollars. What does this mean, and what implications will they have for the books we’ve come to know and love?

According to twitter responses and press statements, the reaction seems generally positive for the most part. Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada states,  “Welcome to this moment in history. Everyone relax, this is incredible news and all is well in the Marvel U. ”

Marvel powerhouse writer Brian Michael Bendis quotes on his twitter, “to the lovely reporters who have emailed and follow me here. no comment. i am too dumb to understand high finance. me write funny books.”

Marvel editor and writer CB Cebulski on his twitter: “Allow me to reassure you right now, guys, that Marvel’s going to continue to produce great comic books the way we always have.”

While most are enthused of the pre eminent entertainment company joining forces with the creative forces of Marvel, there are some creators that are more wary of the transaction:

Artist Jamal Igle: “To Marvel.. good luck with the new ownership. You’ll soon find out why they’re referred to in animation circles as Mouseschwitz.”

Colorist Christina Strain: “Not pleased by morning news.”

I feel that as long as Disney does not hinder any creative decisions and stifles potential ideas for stories, this is a win win situation. The marketing power of Disney and the recognizablity of both companies can only add to the popularity of the characters we know and love.  CBR posts some of the implications of this deal here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=22747

Hopefully, this is the dawn of a new and great era!
And on a funny note, Brian Michael Bendis adds, “no, i did not kill the wasp to make way for tinkerbell. but she would be a kick ass avenger”