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Weekly Woburn Warehouse Show



Weekly Woburn Warehouse Show, has BEGUN!

Get in on the Ground Floor!  This show is a BLAST!
NEXT UP  Thursday September 3rd. FREE TABLE IF YOU BOOK THE FOLLOWING WEEK!  4PM-8PM  We are inviting you to join us for our new weekly comics book and collectables show. Comics, Cards, Toys. Tables are only $25! (35 tables)
The Show runs 4pm-8pm. Admission is a measley $1. Coming at ya like freight train EVERY Week! What else do you have to do on a Thursday night anyway?? You can submit books for CGC grading every week at the show! Collectors thinking of selling??? Buy a table. This show is going to be a blast! 

Retailers reserve your tables now! 978-459-5323

Best Western Hotel, MONTVALE AVE , WOBURN, MA right off rt 93 (EXIT 36) take a right!