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NH – Jetpack Hosts a Marvelous Party


Rich Woodall, Josh Belanger, and Rich Brunelle sign at Jetpack Comics.

Marvel 70th Anniversary Party to Take Place at 9:00 pm at Jetpack Comics on Tuesday August 11, 2009

Jetpack Comics LLC  in association with Marvel Comics is pleased to announce the official Marvel 70th Anniversary Party on Tuesday August 11th.   Fans are invited to come and be a part of one of the biggest events in comics history as Marvel celebrate 70 years with a once in a life-time event at Jetpack Comics LLC located at their new location, 37 North Main Street in Rochester, kicking off at 9PM.  Of course you’re welcome to come earlier but the COOL COMICS can’t be sold until 9:00 PM. 

At the Marvel 70th Anniversary Party, party-goers can be the first to purchase copies of The Marvels Project #1, Marvel Comics #1: 70th Anniversary Edition, and limited variant edition covers you can only pick up at this A-list party!   That’s Right.  Special Comics Produced only for this event!   Want to make the event even more special?  Why not get one of the sketchable covers done up by our own Rich Brunnelle, Rich Woodall or Josh Belanger?

These artists will be on hand, sketching your favorite Marvel Characters on the 70th Anniversary Special Edition comic, designed especially for the party and custom made for artists to work on.  It’s a custom made edition with the 70th anniversary frame and BLANK for you to have them fill in.
This INVITE only event will have Moe’s sandwiches on hand with their world famous MINI-MOE’s. 

Everything in the store that is a Marvel Comics branded item will be on sale for the party – that’s 9 pm to 10 pm, Tuesday, August 11th.

In The Marvels Project #1, the superstar Eisner award winning team of Ed Brubaker and artist Steve Epting (Captain America) present the never before seen origin of the Mighty Marvel Universe!  And fans also won’t want to miss a contemporary portrayal of a legendary comic in Marvel Comics #1: 70th Anniversary Edition, with contributions from your favorite Marvel creators! 

QTY is SUPER LIMITED on SOME OF THESE.  You have to arrive early if you want to insure your copies!  Good luck getting past the bouncer!

The Jetpack Comics LLC Marvel 70th Anniversary party is an INVITE only event and like all good events, there is a cover charge!  If you want to come in you have to purchase a copy of the MARVEL PROJECTS #1 at the door.  The bouncer will not let you in if you don’t purchase one.  EVERY party-goer will need to get on board for their own copy of the Marvel Projects #1!  There are a limited qty of all the variants so if you want one get in on it early.

PREORDER your sketched variant sketchable cover – We’ve got the 2 R’s and a J on hand to sketch you books and they’re just doing for donations!  That’s right.  Buy your sketchable variant and one of these guys will sketch on it for you for the cost of a donation!  Give em a burger or give em a steak!  No matter what they will sketch their heart out for you.  Got something special in mind?  Order your special sketched variant NOW!  jetpackcomics@choiceonemail.com to order your special sketched edition ahead, so it is ready for you that night.  Don’t worry, none of the guys are going to look in the comic so they won’t even know what it is, but they’ll have your sketch ready!  Please don’t forget to tip your artist!  He has to eat, too.

****Everyone that purchases a SKETCHED variant, and tips their artist, will get to pick their own additional variant from the MARVEL VARIANT BOX!  This box will have hundreds of comics to chose from, including RARE Captain AMerica Reborn Variants as well as other awesome variants.  You get to chose one of these for every variant you have sketched…but you gotta tip!

****PLUS if you order one of these you will be entered to win an awesome piece of original art from Rich Woodall.  Suitable for framing this original piece will be worth THOUSANDS some day.  You only get to be entered if you get a sketched cover… tip them well.

Jetpack Comics LLC, 37 North Main Street, Rochester, NH 03867



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