Comic-Con International Offers Free iPhone App

Comic-Con iPhone App

As announced through their official Twitter account, Comic-Con International has released a free iPhone app. As /Film explains:

It basically provides all the information you would normally find in the official Comic-Con International program book, including maps of the halls and exhibit floor, program schedules, and a news feed without having to lug around that heavy program. Plus the programing line-up and exhibitor listing is easily searchable, and the maps are multi-touch zoomable (of course).

The application is available on iTunes.

In addition, iGoogle will be sponsoring free WiFi for SDCC.


3 Responses to “Comic-Con International Offers Free iPhone App”
  1. Justin says:

    Unfortunately, they should have made this for more then just the IPhone/ITouch platform. Android, Blackberry and WM users are left out in the cold.

    A mobile accessable version should be planned in the future.

    • Brian Pate says:

      I expect they will see the need to expand on this in the future. They say this one was originally intended to just be a countdown clock, but that the developer took it further.

  2. Sparr says:

    And this is superior to publishing a PDF that would be viewable by 10 times as many people on dozens of different platforms? The maps would still be zoomable, the schedule would still be searchable.