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4th of July Targeted Ad Sale: 4 Days at 1/4th the Cost!


UPDATED: Now extended through July 14. What’s 4 days when you can have 14? If you missed your opportunity before, you still have a chance at these 75% off savings.

If you have been interested in trying out our new Targeted Sponsor Ads, you’re not going to get a better opportunity than now! For the next 4 days, all Targeted Ads will be available at over 75% off!

That means the large 300×250, regularly $50, is just $12; the 125×125 ad spots, regularly $25 are just $6.

This offer is only available through the 4th of July. If you place a subscription, be aware that the ad will renew at the regular price.

Currently, ad zones are only available for the following 5 states:

But if you would like us to add add spots for any other states or countries, just request them in the comments below.

There is only one 300×250 ad spot available for each zone, but we will add additional 125×125 ad spots as needed.

For more information, see the Targeted Ads page. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.