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East Hanover NJ Comic Book Expo (June 2009)


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Convention Website: http://www.njcomicbookshows.com

Date(s): Sunday, June 28, 2009

Location: Ramada Inn Conference Center, 130 Rt 10, East Hanover, NJ 07936 (USA)

Description: Over 300,000 comic books for sale this month, from bargain readers to investment grade keys, along with other comic-related items (action figures, t-shirts & more)… collector’s supplies as well. We have the Northeast’s friendliest dealers and have run nearly 400 monthly comicons since 1991! (For a complete list of the dealers attending this month’s show, and what they have to sell, send me an e-mail!) Many shows feature guest artists, writers or publishers (if you are one and would like a “comp” table at a show, please contact us.) Our no minimum bid auctions at each show are held around noon and typically offer thousands of dollars worth of stuff that sells for a fraction of it’s value. If you are a comic book collector (or a casual reader), you will love our shows!

Guests: Graphic novelist Sam Costello.

Number of Dealers/Exhibitors Tables: 40

Projected Attendance: 200