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Wizard World Philly Offers Exclusive “Elemental Fources”


Wizard World and New Baby Productions join forces for Elemental Fources issues #4-6!
By Kevin Mahadeo

As New Baby wraps up its six issue miniseries Elemental Fources—written by Crisman Strunk and Eric Mullarky with art by John Becaro and Ernest Jocson—it decided to add a little magic to the mix with special “red color” variant covers offered exclusively to Wizard World Philadelphia attendees. Each variant cover features a limited print run of only 75 issues, so be sure to grab these red covers while you can and make other comic readers green with envy.

Only available at the New Baby Productions Booth (Booth #124), purchase each cover for $3 or get the entire six issue miniseries for $14.

Set in the not-too-distant future of 2012, Elemental Fources follows both the heroic and social lives of four human half-breeds each gifted with power over one of the central elements: earth, air, fire and water. Brought together by The Brotherhood—a secret society based in alchemy—the four Fources fight to save a world rapidly heading toward ultimate destruction.


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