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Clifton NJ Comic Book Expo (June 2009)


Convention Website: http://www.njcomicbookshows.com

Date(s): 6/14/2009

Location: Clifton Recreation Center, 1232 Main Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011 USA

Description: Show hours are 10-4. Admission is FREE! Easy free parking as well. Over 200,000 comic books for sale., from bargain readers to investment grade keys, along with other comic-related items (action figures, t-shirts & more)… collector’s supplies as well. We have the Northeast’s friendliest dealers and have run nearly 400 monthly comicons since 1991! Many of our shows feature guest artists, writers, or publishers (if you are one and would like a “comp” table at a show, please contact us). Our legendary no minimum bid auctions at each show are held around noon and typically offer thousands of dollars worth of stuff that sells for a fraction of it’s value. If you are a hardcore collector or a casual reader-you will love our shows!

Number of Dealers/Exhibitors Tables: 65 tables

Projected Attendance: 200