Grrl: San Jose Super-Con 2009 Recap

Bonnie Burton provides a report with photos. Follow the link.


One Response to “Grrl: San Jose Super-Con 2009 Recap”
  1. Jim Mourgos says:

    Good reports. I have been a comics convention visitor for ten years and this is the first convention where I saw so many great comics and fanzine deals. Was also great to meet Troi, Marina Sirtis from Star Trek: Next Gen and other great guests. I wish they would rent the actual Marriott Hotel nearby, since curtaining off rooms and calling them panels was a bit cheap. Hard to hear with that 747 engine masquerading as an air conditioner! Interesting costume contest, though Wondercon’s was better. Overall, a great show with great potential.

    See my flickr photos of the event:

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