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Aliens vs. Robots


Like most of Geek America, I was eagerly anticipating Terminator Salvation and Star Trek to open in theaters. When Star Trek came out, I was blown away. Great cast, solid cinematography, and great script. Granted it’s considered to be “Ultimate Star Trek” due to the alternate realities and cheap cheat tricks by alternate Spock to progress the story faster. For the most part though, Star Trek was a solid film, and it made me wonder what Terminator had up its sleeve.

While Terminator received mixed reviews, I personally loved it. The robots were designed very well and looked very slick. Kudos to McG for catering to his strengths. Although there were some weaker points in the movie (did anyone else roll their eyes when Moon Bloodgood’s character wanted to snuggle with Marcus just for warmth?), I thought the movie accomplished what it set out to do. It portrayed the world starting to be taken over by Skynet, and the human resistance struggling to defeat the enemy, as well as John Conner’s rise to power as leader of the resistance. It’s not quite the hopeless future that was once predicted in previous Terminator movies because IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET! I hate that people think this Terminator movie was bad because it didn’t portray the future being that bad. I believe this will come to pass in future movies as it gets worse and worse.
While Christian Bale does an adequate job as John Conner, this movie was more Marcus’ story. From his horror at realizing what’s happened to him and his path towards redemption, Sam Worthington did a fantastic job as Marcus and portraying his humanity. The ending may have been a bit cheesy but showed hope that perhaps mankind will persevere in the end. And I can’t wait to see what Transformers 2 comes up with next.