JumpCon Owner Files for Bankruptcy

As many of you may recall, last year brought news of a new series of conventions called JumpCon, which promised a convention in a different city every weekend, featuring celebrities from science fiction movies and television. Despite lots of contracts with celebrities signed and advance ticket packages sold to fans, the whole project imploded without getting a single convention off the ground.

Now, Airlock Alpha is reporting that JumpCon promoter Shane Senter has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. With debts in the millions and assets in the thousands, it appears likely now that fans will never see their tickets refunded.

It does make for interesting reading to the convention community, however, as there are details concerning what is still owed to the many celebrities Senter had deals with, ranging from $60,000 owed to Edward James Olmos to $1500 owed to Stephen Furst.

For more, follow the link: http://www.airlockalpha.com/news426378.html

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