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It’s now been one week since the official launch of Convention Scene, and so far I’ve heard from one upset fan and received a handful of compliments about the new site. So what do you think? Something you love? Something you hate? Add a comment here and let us know.


6 Responses to “Convention Scene One Week In”
  1. Bill says:


    Found it easier to read the upcoming events on your previous site. Maybe a larger font? More Bold? Clearer separation of columns?

    Thanks and good luck!


    • Brian Pate says:

      Hi, Bill. The new look takes some getting used to, but I hope everyone will grow to like it. We are actually a little bit limited as to how much we can change the appearance of the Event Schedule charts because they are now being generated by a plugin to the blogging software we use. Thanks for the feedback, though. We’ll continue to try to improve things.

  2. isaacada1 says:

    Hopefully you can fix the forums. Also, how do you recommend people send in news to you? For example, how would it be best to send in news about an interview of a event organizer.

    Talking with Fan Expo Canada’s Kevin Boyd

    Also, I would LOVE this year to see something at the end of the year a round table talk/interview with some of the major event organizers in North America(Comic-Con, NYCC, Wizard World, Fan Expo, Hero’s Con, Emerald City Comicon).

    • Brian Pate says:

      Hey, Isaac. Yes, I noticed last week that the Forum wasn’t working, but I figured out what was going on with it just now and fixed it so you should be able to get in. Any news related to conventions can be submitted through our News submission form. Just write a sentence or two intro and submit it, and we’ll edit it as needed. If you are logged in when you submit the story, you will even get the byline credit.

      A roundtable is a great idea; I just hope we will have time to put something like that together.

      As always, I really appreciate your feedback.

  3. Hi, I am submitting listings for shows that aren’t appearing on the calendar (been a few weeks). The first one I posted made it on but the others aren’t, and seeing as how you guys are the one-stop shopping for convention goers, I’d love to have my shows on so dealers and fans can plan ahead. Under the old system, it was fair to pay $5 for an early listing, but I don’t see that option here, so I am wondering why one made it on and the others didn’t. Thanks for the great service you do to the fan/con community.

    Scott Nicholson

    • Brian Pate says:

      Hi, Scott. Sorry for the slow response. Your comment ended up being tagged as spam for some reason so I just found it. Your other submissions should still be in our queue. I’ve just been making sure that Priority Promoters are taken care of plus any submissions for June and July; after that, it’s first come – first served as I get to them. I have been slow getting to the submissions and typically only add 1 or 2 a day right now but hope to improve on that and get caught up. Rather than the $5 per show I had before, I’m trying something new with our Priority Promoter system. For $50, all your shows would be treated as express (along with our privileges explained here: Alternatively, take out $100 in advertising per year, and the Priority status is a free bonus. We’re still evaluating this idea, but that’s the current system. Hope that explains things.

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