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So why Convention Scene?


Welcome to Convention Scene, formerly, more or less, Comic Book Conventions.com. Years in the planning and months in the making, launch day is finally here.

So I’m sure one big question is why? Why the change? Well, there are several reasons for that.

  1. Branding – Comic Book Conventions.com has always been difficult to brand. While it’s a fantastic url, it’s too generic to make memorable, and the “.com” has been a problem, too. Back when I launched this site back in 2000, companies regularly used “.com” in their names. People didn’t say “Yahoo,” they said “Yahoo.com.” But that has changed. Anyway, I like “Convention Scene,” and I hope you will, too.
  2. Technology – Comic Book Conventions.com was built off a regular html template. Over the years it has been filled with bad and bloated code. This is a chance to start fresh. In addition, we were using an out-of-date and abandoned news program to post our stories. We needed to catch up with the latest technologies. With our new WordPress-based design, we have lots of new options to organize our information with categories, tags, and rss feeds. And we’re finally searchable, too!
  3. Convention Categories – While comic book conventions are my first love, they are not the only type of convention I attend. I also go to sci-fi and sometimes even horror conventions. Some friends have always asked, “Hey, why isn’t the Star Trek convention listed on your site?” “Because it’s not a comic convention” would be my reply. And yet…lines between conventions get more and more blurred. Much to the chagrin of some comic show purists, I have quietly added more and more listings for other types of conventions over the years. Convention Scene finally openly and publicly extends the invitation for every type of fan-oriented convention to be listed here. At the same time, however, while there is a master list of every upcoming event (including signings for the first time), there are also separate pages for comic conventions, anime conventions, gaming conventions, etc. At least for now, promoters can only choose one category in which to put their convention so they must choose carefully.

So there you have the reasons for the change. I’ll be back with more about the exciting new features Convention Scene offers.

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Brian Pate
Brian is the owner and founder of Convention Scene.

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