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Golden and Texeira Have Got You Covered in May


Press Release:

Golden and Texeira have got you covered!
Eva Ink Artists Makes the Cons from San Jose to Motor City

San Jose to Motor City– Michael Golden and Mark Texeira are spreading the love May 15-17 as the Eva Ink artist Group guys hit two major shows in two cities mid May.

Michael Golden will be on location at the San Jose Supercon. Long known as one of the best storytellers in comics,Uncanny X-Men 507 Golden Cover Golden has influenced countless artists via his work on “The ‘Nam,” “Micronauts,” “G.I. Joe Yearbook,” “Batman,” and “Dr. Strange, ” among much more!

His recent work can be seen with covers on “Heroes for Hire,” “Exiles,” “Demon’s Regret” and just this month on “Uncanny X-Men #507.” In addition, Vanguard Production’s recently released top selling art retrospective “Excess: The Art of Michael Golden” written by Renee Witterstaetter, has sold out and gone into a second printing!

Golden has served as an Editor at DC Comics as well as Senior Art Director at Marvel Comics, and has worked on scores of movie production projects, including some currently in development. His art has been the focus of gallery shows in places as diverse as Gijon and Barcelona, Spain, New York, Antwerp and Brussels, while his class on storytelling has been conducted from Spain to Brussels to Canada and the United States.

This year will also see the release of Michael’s new sketchbook, “Dangerous Curves,” from Eva Ink Publishing. A perfect match for last years sketchbook, “Heroes and Villains.”

Ghost Rider #1Artist Mark Texeira will be making his way to Motor City. Known worldwide for his illustrative interiors and fine art painting, think of “Ghost Rider,” “Moonknight,” “Black Panther,” “Conan,” “Vampirella,” and you think of Mark Texeira and his body of amazing work!

In fact, some of his continuing clients include: New York Magazine; Scholastic Books; MCI Records; Def Jam Records; Marvel Entertainment; D.C. Publications; Harris Publications; Wizards Of The Coast; Wizard Magazine; Image Publications; Black Bull Entertainment; Continuity Associates; and Fleer/Skybox International.

Be looking for Mark’s newest work in the upcoming “Wolverine Special” for Marvel Comics, debuting with the new “Wolverine Origins” movie; fantastic painted interiors for Wizards of the Coast; and a new Punisher limited series currently on the table!

Perhaps most exciting, a full artbook retrospective of Mark’s career has just been completed and should be on the stands by midyear. Written by Renee Witterstaetter and published by Vanguard Productions, the 128 page volume entitled: “Tex–The Art of Mark Texeira…The Artist’s Great Escape,” is available in softcover, hardcover and a slipcase deluxe edition, which boasts 16 bonus plates!

Both Tex and Golden are also the subjects of DVD’s from Woodcrest Productions and Eva Ink in the “Creator Chronicles” series, featuring extensive interviews with the creators and in-depth tutorials! A must have for fans of both artists! Golden’s is currently available, while Texeira’s DVD will be out later this year.

Golden and Tex will be available all days of their conventions for signing and sketching while at the show. Coordinate with Renee Witterstaetter of Eva Ink in San Jose and Robin Dale of Eva Ink/Woodcrest in Motor City for details and pricing.

And whatever you do, git yourself to a con mid May, somewhere, somehow…and have an awesome time!

For more information go to: www.super-con.com and www.motorcityconventions.com
For more information on Michael Golden and Mark Texeira contact: www.evaink.com


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